10 million aborted – 10 million arrived

“Foreigners who live in your land will
gain more power” 

Deuteronomy 28:43

According to latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), between the years 2011-2021, the number of foreign born people in England and Wales grew from 7.5 million to 16.8 million, with the greatest number of migrants coming from India, Poland, and Pakistan, in that order.  In a report on the figures, The Times headed its article, Ten million residents of England and Wales born outside the UK, 2021 census shows (https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ten-million-residents-of-england-and-wales-born-outside-the-uk-2021-census-shows-jzh7pmplm).

Now this is interesting, not so much for what it tells us about immigration, but for the fact the number of migrants precisely matches the number of babies that have been aborted in England and Wales since 1967.

Coincidence?  Or is the number of lives lost being replaced by some sort of cosmic process of redress?  To put it another way, because of the wanton and sinful sacrifice of our unborn, is our ‘country’ now being given over to others?

To those without faith, the notion may appear absurd, but consider – at every level we are seeing today an unremitting erosion of what up to now has been our culture, tradition, and values.   Now it may be argued that the changes, and those who have brought them about, are a bit like the proverbial curates’ egg – a mix of good and bad – but whatever your view, it is without doubt that the face of the country is changing, and that there is a growing climate of instability.  The news at the moment, for example, is dominated by the escalating crisis of how we should respond to illegal immigration and, on any assessment, we appear to be sliding ever deeper into chaos, with no easy solution in view.

Those of us with faith say it is clear that, because of our sinful contempt for God, combined with our behaviour and wanton destruction of life, He has withdrawn His protection.  But can it be that these figures suggest something more?   Can it be that, as result of our choices, God has not just withdrawn His shield, but is now actively giving us over to the consequences of what the Bible clearly labels sin?

Is it, in fact, payback time?

We would perhaps do well to consider the curses spelt out for disobedience to the laws laid down by God – for our own protection and wellbeing – in Deuteronomy, in particular Deuteronomy 28:43-45:

“Foreigners who live in your land will gain more and more power, while you gradually lose yours.  They will have money to lend you, but you will have none to lend them. In the end they will be your rulers.  All these disasters will come on you, and they will be with you until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the Lord your God and keep all the laws that he gave you. They will be the evidence of God’s judgment on you and your descendants forever.”

Let us make no mistake, God could solve the UK’s many problems in a heartbeat, but while we persist in our hubris, rejecting all idea of obedience, He will not intervene.  For our nation to survive, it is both urgent and vital that we reacquaint ourselves with God’s word and repent.  Before it is too late.

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