The disintegration of family – how safe are the kids?

The disintegration of family – how safe are the kids?
… a conference being hosted by the House of Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group on Wednesday, April 30th, at The Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, London.

At this time of ever proliferating rules relating to health and safety and child protection, you may think kids are so hedged about with rules and government strategies for their wellbeing that nothing can touch them.  But the sad fact is, morally and emotionally, there has never been a time when children have been more at risk.

True, we live in one of the most affluent societies the world has ever known, but half of all children today are born outside marriage, and 50% of them will never know the reassurance of a stable home life with their birth mother and father.  In fact the reality for many will be a stream of short-term replacement parents, and a mix of ‘siblings’ – related by blood, half blood, and association by virtue of the serialised relationships that are becoming the norm. 

Sad to say, current social practice has given a whole new meaning to the term ‘extended family’: and it’s not good.  The plain fact is our children are suffering because as a society we prioritise the wants and desires of adults over the needs of children. But ‘my rights’ and ‘my self-fulfilment’ come at a cost … which for government and the welfare state is enormous, but for children is utterly devastating.

It’s not simply the fact that children develop best in a two parent, stable and conflict-free family environment – which it’s now well-established they do.  Society’s insistence on the unrestrained indulgence of sexual rights, free of all restraint (so last century!), means that from an increasingly early age children are being sexualised and pressured into mimicking damaging and desensitising adult behaviours.  But they are not told the dangers and consequences of these activities, and inevitably lack the mental capacity to make an informed decision for themselves.   

Fact:  Teenage rates of STIs are the highest they have ever been – so much so that health professionals are calling them an ‘epidemic’.

Fact:  There are over 30 such infections, and not all can be treated by modern antibiotics – which means that for some, these conditions, once contracted, will stay with them for life.  For girls, there is a real risk of permanent infertility.  For both sexes, some of these conditions pose a risk to life. 

Fact:   Teenagers (usually boys) exposed to hardcore pornography from an increasingly early age are becoming incapable of forming and maintaining healthy and satisfying relationships.

Fact:   As result of this same exposure, violence against women is increasing.  The boys actually apparently feel that this sort of behaviour is what women ‘want’.

Fact:   Mental health problems amongst young people are increasing, with suicide rates at an all time high. 

And, as answer, we merely continue to push for ever more explicit and inappropriate sex education in schools, blithely encouraging sexual experimentation as some sort of panacea for all the world’s ills.  Even worse, the Stonewall campaign against bullying now normalises physically damaging sexual behaviours for which the body is not designed.  Anal intercourse, for example, carries enhanced risk of transmission of infection, including AIDS, while also giving rise to risk of a variety of unpleasant conditions, including anal tearing, anal tumours, and prolapse.  Oral sex increases the risk of mouth and throat cancer.

Is the encouragement of such behaviours really the mark of a responsible and caring society?

The inescapable truth is that we have sacrificed the age of innocence – that belongs to children by right – on the altar of sexual ideology being propounded by a minority group of activists.   And the rest of us have become so brainwashed by need for the politically correct affirmation of such ideation, that we are mindlessly complicit in the destruction of both family and society. 

We are responsible for the fate of our children.  If you want to learn more, and find out what you can do to help, then come along to Stolen Childhood on Wednesday, April 30th.  Cost £20.   Full details and online registration at:!stolen-childhood/c19lg

Hope to see you there!

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