A call to Arms

A Call to Arms

Never has there been a more urgent need for prayer.  Across the world sin is being dealt with by redefinition, and the right of free speech for Christians closed down – while God Himself appears undergoing enforced spiritual rehabilitation.  Who knows, perhaps we are even now approaching a time, as happened in Communist Russia, where religious faith will once again be classified as a mental disorder requiring treatment and correction.  Anything to silence us!

Yet by pursuing these strategies, the opposition does not challenge us … but God.  At VfJUK we believe The Lord has seen the state and afflictions of His people, and is moving in power.  Operation Sovereign began as a call to prayer from the Lord Himself, to pray His light and blessing into the dark places of this world, as preparation for what He was about to do.

During the past year some 300 individuals worldwide, and a handful of church fellowships, have pledged 15 minutes every Wednesday to pray blessing into those areas we felt the Lord highlighting each week.  In this way, almost the entire 24 hours every Wednesday has been saturated globally in prayer.  That yearlong commitment has now come to an end, and we are marking it on Saturday, July 20th with a Prayer Colloquium.

But that day is also announcement of the next phase, because the Lord has now given us a title:

A Call to Arms

We believe Operation Sovereign is a vital fighting force, specially commissioned by the Lord for the battle that is to come.  We’re not entirely sure at this point what it is He requires, but we believe it’s of unquantifiable importance, and that He will reveal it to us. 

Prayer opens the way.  The battle starts with prayer.

Even if you’ve never felt called to prayer before, please come and join us on Saturday, July 20that the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, and find out if the Lord is calling you to join with us in this vital work.

Date:               Saturday, July 20th

Place:               EMMANUEL CENTRE
                        9-23 Marsham Street (just round the corner from Parliament)
                        London SW1P 3DW

​Time:               11 am – 4 pm

Cost:                £10

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