A good day for Deliverance – APRIL 25

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VfJUK calls for repentance and prayer

 In 590 AD, Rome was suffering from a terrible plague that killed off vast swathes of the population.    Amongst the first to die was the Pope.    He was immediately replaced, by unanimous vote, by Gregory I, descended from one of Rome’s most eminent Patrician families, and himself a former urban prefect.  Rome, over the course of the previous century, had become a city marked by corruption, decadence and decline.  In every sense, Gregory was the new broom determined to sweep the city clean and restore the Church.  In his opening address to the crowds he proclaimed, “God is full of mercy and compassion, and it is His will that we should win His pardon through our prayers.”

He issued a call to repentance and prayer, to which the terrified, demoralised crowds rushed to respond.   For three days Gregory led the people in procession round the city, crying out to Lord for deliverance.

On 25th April, the third day as they processed through the streets, as ever led in person by Gregory, the Archangel Michael was seen standing at the top of the castle of Crescentius – a short walk from the Vatican – wiping a bloody sword.  In response to the crowd’s prayer, he sheathed it at his side.  And from that moment the plague stopped.  In thanks for their deliverance, the castle was renamed the Castle of the Holy Angel – Castel Sant’Angelo.  As it is still known today.  And every year, on this date, the people of Rome commemorate their deliverance by a parade through the streets.  The deliverance marked a worldwide reformation of the Church, spearheaded by Gregory.

Some years later, in 1631, Mexico found itself similarly ravaged by plague.  Once again the people joined in prayer for deliverance, joining in procession through the streets on 25th April.  In response, the Archangel Michael again appeared, this time to a 17 year-old boy, Diego de San Lázaro.  However Diego, fearful of how people would respond to the revelation, dragged his feet in passing on the Archangel’s commands, with the result that he was himself struck down with plague – which lifted a week later when Michael appeared to him again  – surrounded this time by blazing light and witnessed by all standing near.  This time Diego obeyed and passed on the Archangel’s commands.  And the plague was miraculously halted.

God’s will today is to save.

Once again our world is subject to a terrible pestilence.  So now, as then, let us cry out to the Lord in repentance and prayer for deliverance.

Throughout this week let people throughout the world join together  in repentance for our disobedience. 

And on 25th April join us in prayer for deliverance.

Let us pray for a sign of that deliverance to all mankind, that they may honour Christ, and Christ alone.

VfJUK issues International call for prayer
on Saturday 25th April.

Please pass this on to your fellowships, churches and spiritual leaders throughout the world, and ask them to join with us on Saturday, 25th April to pray for deliverance.  And please let us know you are standing with us.


(If you would like to read more about Rome’s miraculous delivery from plague, that was estimated globally to have killed over 1,000,000 people, see Dominion, by Tom Holland pgs. 148-150, [Little Brown 2019].
See also, https://www.britannica.com/biography/St-Gregory-the-Great 
To read about the halting of the plague in Mexico, see

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