Abortion – feeding the chaos monster

According to a recent report in The Times, leading doctors are warning that failure to extend rules allowing abortion pills to be taken at home will force women into illegal abortions (https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/leading-doctors-warn-of-illegal-abortions-danger-hxpk8xfnq).  They fail to spell out exactly what this means – presumably that women will simply continue to order the pills online, bypassing doctors, which doesn’t exactly raise the horror of backstreet abortion.  But, whatever, it goes on to report that the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare have both thrown their not inconsiderable weight behind the campaign to make permanent telemedicine abortion services; introduced, let us not forget, as a ‘temporary’ emergency measure during Covid lockdown, to allow women access to abortion services without the risk and stress of visiting a clinic for face-to-face assessment.

This, in light of the longstanding drive to decriminalise and demedicalise abortion (https://wetrustwomen.org.uk), was clearly the end plan all along and, as such, it leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth, suggesting nothing so much as political skullduggery.  Made all the worse by the clear and now well documented health risks faced by women who undergo abortion without proper medical oversight (see, for example,https://percuity.blog/2021/01/20/5538/).

On a different, and at first glance entirely unconnected, issue, it’s reported elsewhere that British troops have been ordered to spend a day reflecting on inclusivity (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10468001/Tens-thousands-troops-ordered-spend-DAY-reflecting-inclusivity.html ).  Once again, it’s not entirely clear what is meant.  ‘Inclusivity’, after all, implies attitudes towards those who are excluded or marginalised and could include anything from acceptance of minority ethnic or LGBT groups, to women, to those with physical or mental disability … Which, depending on your standpoint, you may or may not think a good idea.  But whatever your stance, it suggests at root a disconnect from reality – soldiers after all are supposed to be ferocious and strong, courageous in battle, disciplined.  Yet this day is supposedly designed to encourage empathy and understanding, putting them in touch with their gentler side.

And it is this that pulls these two stories together – the apparent, though disguised, attempt to impose an ideological agenda that runs contrary to ‘natural’ values and a traditional view of life – where, for example, the unborn are cherished, and those charged with defending the realm are valued for their strength and courage, kept in bounds by allegiance to the flag and iron discipline.  In their different ways, both stories are celebration of the new Weltanschauung, where good is branded bad, and bad good, and where ‘self’ reigns supreme.  Surely evidence, if evidence were needed, that our society has become corrupt, decadent and weak …   So die all once-great civilizations.

Though the deliberate undermining of Western culture began with a vengeance at the turn of the last century, with plans by the Russian Comintern to undermine Europe from within by attacking our belief system and values, it may be said that the rot only really kicked in in the 1960s.   At which point contraception became more widely available and Britain, in defined circumstances, legalised abortion.  Whatever the high-minded rhetoric aimed at helping women in extremis, this – perhaps inevitably in retrospect – opened the floodgates to the so-called sexual revolution.   From which it was but a short step to jettisoning not just ‘traditional’ morality, but traditional belief.  God, said the high priests of this new religion of liberation, was well and truly dead.

Little did we realise, in the years that followed, that we were opening the floodgates to chaos.  But that is precisely what we did, because as our (Christian) values were branded redundant and even harmful, so the new values of unrestrained sexual licence flooded in.  It is truly said that nature abhors a vaccuum, and as God was ousted by the enthusiastic adherents of this ‘new’ belief system, Satan gleefully stepped in.    The increasing corruption, violence and lawlessness evident in society today are all a direct result of our rebellion against the natural order and God.  The nation has flagrantly rejected His laws, and in so doing, we have transferred allegiance to evil.

All things – whether actions, words, or even thoughts that remain unspoken – carry consequences, some good and some decidedly bad.   The outcome of our attempted reconfiguration of existence is bad.   Small wonder that as we have rebelled against, and rejected, God, so He has withdrawn His hand of protection. As has been said in this blog before, Covid is not in itself judgement – there is every probability its origins lie with man, not God – but it is a warning of the judgment to come.  A judgement from which there will be no right of appeal.

The news today is dominated by reports of spreading chaos and confusion in government, increased financial hardship affecting us all … the growing threat of war.   All this we have caused by our choices, obstinately transferring our ‘worship’ from God to self-gratification, materialism and greed.   Just as at the dawn of creation, God holds the key, but we can neither expect nor demand His help while we persist in rebellion.  While we persist in sin.

We are truly hurtling towards hell in a handcart and yet, almost unbelievably, God still yearns to help, only waiting for our call.  In God there is healing, peace, deliverance and freedom … salvation.  God brings forth life out of death, and His will is to give – but, to receive, we first need to repent the evil we have chosen, once again acknowledging Him as lord and becoming obedient to His word.   The question for each one of us is – will we choose life or death?

God especially abhors the taking of innocent life.  Since 1967, in England and Wales, we have aborted almost 10 million babies – equivalent to the combined population of Scotland and Wales, or the entire population of Austria.  As with Abel, their blood cries out to God from the ground and, as with Abel, He has heard.   At our peril we now make a lottery of life, with those unborn unlucky enough not to carry a winning ticket ruthlessly killed.  To avoid judgment, it is urgent we repent.

On Saturday, 26th March, VfJUK is joining with Dovetail Shalom Ministries and others to issue a national call to repentance for these 10 million unborn children aborted over the last 50 years.  For our rebellion as a whole, we are a nation under judgment – but especially are we condemned for our sanctioned genocide, by both State and Church, of the unborn.  Only repentance can save us.

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