Abortion – The blood guilt affecting us all

Women’s problems!   How often have we heard so-called ‘problems’ relating to women’s health and reproductive issues dismissed or brushed aside as feminine issues?    And abortion, sadly, is all too frequently classified as just one of those such ‘issues’.  Women get pregnant, they give birth … no one else’s business, people say.  Their bodies, so it’s up to them.   
And so the problem is brushed neatly under the carpet.  Any difficulties not so much solved, as simply ignored.  Not our business!
Yet this is not how God sees things.  Whether male or female, directly involved or not, in God’s eyes we all bear responsibility and are complicit in this cruel genocide of the unborn – that in the last 50 years has seen a horrifying 10 million babies aborted in England and Wales alone.  A number made infinitely worse by the fact 98% had their lives ended because, at the time, they were simply unwanted.
No, abortion is not just a woman’s issue, and the rest of us cannot simply wash our hands and announce, ‘Not our concern.’  Pilate tried that, and look how that worked out!
Every baby has a father
It takes two to make a baby and, whether conscious of what is happening or not, ‘fathers’ are inescapably and intimately involved in any decision to abort the life of their unborn child.  It is not always the case, of course, that men want women to have an abortion, and some are deeply hurt when their partner elects to have a termination.  And even where a child is the result of a casual sexual encounter, without any kind of commitment, some men thrill at the prospect of becoming a father, knowing that it is their child fearfully and wonderfully taking form and that it is, therefore, their duty to protect it from harm; especially when it can do nothing to defend itself.  Yet men nevertheless keep silent – because society has drilled into all of us the message that it’s a decision for the woman, and the woman alone.  And at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.   Until the baby’s born, whatever happens to be inside the womb is just a featureless blob of cells – not a human being at all, but a parasite that has no rights.
Such are the lies of convenience
spun by a society that prioritises so-called sexual freedom over life
And this is why we all bear guilt, and all alike are under judgment, because this is the message society so callously endorses, prioritising – and even celebrating – the ‘right’ to have consequence-free sex over the right to life of the unborn and defenceless child.
In God’s eyes, born or not, wanted or not, this is child murder and we all bear blood-guilt. 
As a society, we have come to a point where we label good as evil, and evil as good.  What we fail to realise, however, is that by this reconfiguration of values, we are worshipping evil.  Small wonder, then, that depravity and violence have grown so strong.  But evil cannot co-exist with righteousness, and a holy God will not uphold sin.  By our own choices, therefore, we have placed ourselves under judgment, and God will not hear our prayers and help us while we persist in our hubristic demands to ‘go our own way’.   At the end of the day, no matter what we call it, this is worship of Satan.
In God there is freedom, forgiveness, healing, and life
Christ came to set us free from bondage to sin.  By His death on the cross, and resurrection, He finally and forever broke Satan’s hold and restored us to that relationship with God for which we had been created.  But to receive that promise and enter into freedom – into life – men and women must repent, acknowledging Him as Lord.   Until Christ’s return, however, and in order to allow as many as possible the chance to repent, Satan has been allowed to remain free and, though he knows the writing is on the wall, he still continues to fight, challenging God and spreading poison in a last ditch attempt to impose control and destroy. 
Over the last century the devil has grown strong, fed by the blood sacrifice worldwide of almost two billion unborn, and this is why we are seeing the mounting and seemingly insoluble problems besetting – bedevilling – society today.  The time for Christ’s return is perhaps short, but even now, God reaches out to us in love, calling to us to repent before it all becomes too late.
We are on a knife edge, and the fate of the world hangs in balance.  The question for each one of us, ahead of that final battle, is will we choose life or death?
Please join us on Saturday, 26th March, to ask the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness for the countless millions of lives we have so sinfully ended – that even now God may hear from heaven and forgive us our sins … and turn and heal the land. 
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