Bible believing Christians are menacing extremists – like ISIS and the Taliban

These are the expressed views of at least one member of the Commission for Counter Extremism, appointed by Government to look into the causes and extent of extremism and advise on strategy.   In his 2014 ‘Manifesto for Secularism – Against the Religious Right’ (whatever that is), Peter Tatchell specifically identified the ‘Christian Right’ in Europe and the US with groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram, and the Taliban  He demanded complete separation of religion from public policy, and abolition of religious laws in the family, civil and criminal codes.

These overtly hostile and biased views, echoed by other ‘expert’ members of the Commission, smear Christians and promote aggression towards those upholding Biblical belief.  Shockingly, there are no Bible-believing members of the Commission to provide balance

On 31stJanuary, The Times carried a report attacking the Christian education charityLovewisefor what it claimed was their dangerous and misleading information about abortion (  Lovewise was castigated by ‘experts’ from BPAS and Brook for apparently telling schoolgirls that abortion could render them infertile, depressed or suicidal.  Most heinous of all, they reportedly compared abortion in cases of “medical abnormality” to crimes of Nazi Germany against the disabled.

Well, on the last point, there are some disability campaigners in this country who would unquestionably share that assessment.  But that apart, and refraining from comment – especially as the report still has to be verified – is Lovewise really the fundamentalist bunch of lying religious maniacs they’re made out to be?  Or is it the so-called pro-choicers who are suppressing the truth?

Fact 1:  On their website, Lovewise writes, ‘(we seek)… to help and encourage young people in making wise choices that honour God regarding relationships, marriage and sex. We aim to do so using thought-provoking and informative articles written from a Christian perspective.’

Fact 2:  The charity was started in 2002 bytwo paediatric doctors and the head teacher of a local secondary school, who, together, were worried by the high numbers of young people presenting at sexual health clinics, and who were suffering from the consequences of damaging relationships and family breakdown.

So let’s think about this.  Lovewise resources are admittedly presented from a Christian standpoint, but at the same time they are solidly based on medical evidence and practice, and on undisputed sociological conditions – in light of which, they are an attempt to keep children safe.

Now certainly some may say they are over-emphasising the negatives, which may well lay them open to a charge of scaremongering, but is this really justified? Consider, for example, the much-argued link between mental health and abortion.  The Times article refuses even to acknowledge the possibility of such a connection, dismissing it out of hand.  However, there is undeniably a growing body of credible and compelling evidence indicating just such a link between abortion and subsequent mental health problems (see. Relationships and Sex Education: The Way Forward, Robert Harris, Abortion and Mental Health Outcomes: What do the Studies Say? pgs.  58-60   If this is so, surely not to tell children the risk is a form of abuse?

The conclusion is inescapable.  Any and all academic and medical research casting doubt on the prevailing Weltanschauung is being deliberately suppressed or dismissed – because it conflicts with the ideological message of sexual rights activists, who brand suggestions of moral restraint as religious bigotry and repression.

This is once again evidence of systemic bias and discrimination against Christians – an attempt by sexual and secular liberationists to vilify and brand Christians as dangerous extremists who must be silenced!  This cultural Marxist oppression and denial of truth has got to stop!


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