Book Reviews

Book Reviews

moral-revolution-   Moral Revolution: The Naked Truth about Sexual Purity
Kriss Vallatton, Regal Books 2012 (available through Amazon)
Reviewed by Anthony Busk

A refreshing downpour of Christian common sense that needs to saturate UK churches! The book focuses on the sex-drive battle that every young person is confronted with on entering puberty. It is a challenge to sexual purity amidst a secular-humanist culture, ‘whose appetites, lusts and emotions direct its senseless drifting…(and) are totally hostile to a biblical view of sex’. Loren Cunnigham, founder of Youth with a Mission writes: Moral Revolution is an important book for youth, parents and spiritual leaders, and could well become a stand-setter for generations to come. It brings you real answers to the sexual revolution of the past two generations… Read Full Review Here.

  ProLife Answers to ProChoice Questions (expanded and updated)
R Alcorn (Colorado Springs, CO: Multnomah, 2000)
Reviewed by Christopher Shell PhD

Working as I do in the book business, one can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the quantity of literature that gets published. And the sheer quantity can dilute the impact of a really good book – because another one will be along next month. So that is why I want to say: forget the rest, just get the best. And Randy Alcorn’s book is the unrivalled best on its topic. You will save a lot of time by sticking to Alcorn’s book (for he summarises most of the arguments of the other writers) and reading it, rereading it, and mastering it. Time very well spent… Read Full Review Here.

  The Bible and Homosexual Practice
Robert A J Gagnon (Nashville, TN: Abingdon, 2001)
Reviewed by Christopher Shell PhD

This is the book that the erstwhile Bishop of Oxford, Richard Harries, refused to discuss. No scholar or honest person would fail to discuss – would fail to leap at the chance to discuss – the fullest available treatment of the topic that was currently engaging them. And this book certainly is the fullest available treatment – though there’s also a good one by James De Young. Good people stand for science, study and scholarship, and against ideology. They will always continue to do so – and their way, which is self-evidently correct, will win…. Read Full Review Here.


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