Moral Revolution: The Naked Truth about Sexual Purity

Moral Revolution: The Naked Truth about Sexual Purity

Kriss Vallatton, Regal Books 2012 (available through Amazon)
Reviewed by Anthony Busk

A refreshing downpour of Christian common sense that needs to saturate UK churches! The book focuses on the sex-drive battle that every young person is confronted with on entering puberty. It is a challenge to sexual purity amidst a secular-humanist culture, ‘whose appetites, lusts and emotions direct its senseless drifting…(and) are totally hostile to a biblical view of sex’. Loren Cunnigham, founder of Youth with a Mission writes: Moral Revolution is an important book for youth, parents and spiritual leaders, and could well become a stand-setter for generations to come. It brings you real answers to the sexual revolution of the past two generations.’

The approach places responsibility directly on the individual to recognise the unique importance of preparing for marriage the ‘God way’, suggesting practical steps, such as defining behaviour boundaries, with accountability to personal mentors. Advice includes dating and courting, and is pointedly practical – for example, only date others with the same virtues, and plan the date beforehand! There is also a sensitive section on dress code and language to avoid attracting those who have little interest in maintaining sexual purity. The book also provides help on how someone’s virginity can be restored. A message of hope for those who have been already overcome!

It is encouraging that the approach does not assume you have to be a Christian to follow the suggested guidelines, but it does point to repentance and forgiveness in Christ. There is one negative: it would strengthen the resolve of readers if they were made aware of the serious medical implications in following a promiscuous lifestyle, including an inability to have children and even death.

There is a well staffed US site ( dedicated to providing a variety of support materials, but there is need for a similar resource in the UK.

Read the book, and then decide if you should join the revolution!

Anthony Busk


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