By their fruits you shall know them

Here’s a turn up – three points of interest.  First, Auntie, otherwise knows as the British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC), has apparently quietly informed its LGBT Pride group that it is no longer going to include Mermaids, the campaigning charity for transgender children, in its Action Line list, which claims to offer ‘appropriate’ advice to callers seeking help (see second section, Winds of change,  Can it be that the cold wind of reality is at last blowing through the Beeb’s smog filled corridors, dedicated to the promotion of inclusivity for everything – accept that with which Auntie disagrees?   The answer is clearly, yes, and though they appear to be spitting the equivalent of broadcasting feathers, the corporation is being forced to bow the knee to evidence of demonstrable harm, that has already irreversibly mutilated the lives of countless vulnerable children.  May that same sanity now prevail in other areas, and may the BBC be stopped in its campaign to reconfigure the lives and values of our once rightfully proud nation into something orderless and strange.

Second, elsewhere in the world, the insanity of chaos gathers unholy momentum.  Over in America, reporting on the latest BLM insurrection, ABC News tweeted, ‘Protestors in California set fire to a courthouse, damaged a police station and assaulted officers after a peaceful demonstration intensified.’ (; By what stretch of the deranged imagination can these protests be classed as peaceful?  Yes, many individuals are undoubtedly peacefully protesting against injustice, but the inescapable, if unpalatable, truth is that current unrest is being callously exploited by activists, seeking to overthrow the existing system.  The same is true here in the UK.  People rightly call for racism, where it exists, to be addressed.  But we do not have a history of repressive injustice – on the contrary, it’s fair to say that most of us – including our police – try very hard to be welcoming and tolerant towards all.  In fact, we have had what is justly recognised as one of the most tolerant and inclusive societies in the world!  But, the unlawful killing of George Floyd, over in the US, has been ruthlessly exploited by ideological activists, whose goal is to overthrow our culture and society.  Not for nothing did Patrisse Cullors, one of the co-founders of BLM and the movement’s strategic advisor, recently describe herself as a trained Marxist (

VfJUK says again, wherever there is injustice it must be faced and addressed, but the hypocrisy that denies responsibility for criminal and violent behaviour, and seeks to exploit hatred and division, must end.   Racism is not the problem.   The problem is rebellion against God and rejection of His word.

Third, the ill-judged and dangerous policy allowing telemedicine abortion during lockdown has already left two women dead.  A leaked NHS email reveals that there have been at least 13 ‘incidents’ since March, including police investigation of a possible murder charge, after a baby was born alive (  In an action for judicial review of the government’s decision, an attempt by Christian Concern to have the email admitted in evidence was refused.  The story has been widely reported by pro-life Christian groups, but there has been marked silence on the part of the media, allowing the inference that this information is being deliberately suppressed because it goes against the abortionists’ agenda.

Facts:  According to a recent study, 13% of women undergoing medical abortion will require subsequent surgical intervention, while all medical abortion carries a 1 in 10 chance of infection which, if left untreated, will lead to sepsis and death ( The truth is, home abortion is very high risk, and does not have the best interests of women at heart.  Rather, it is the attempted enforcement of a feminist and global ideology that claims the right to have casual sex without consequence, and that seeks to overturn traditional values, branded as sexually repressive.

Unsafe abortion already accounts for one in twelve maternal deaths globally (  But it seems the UK is keen to increase that number, because the duplicitous ideology of women’s rights is being promoted over safety.

Comment:  Christ came to set us free from sin and death.  By His crucifixion and resurrection, He showed us a better way and restored us to direct relationship with God.  Yet now Satan is battling to reimpose his hold. How much longer will men and women choose to continue their unthinking and destructive worship of evil, that gives birth only to mutilation, violence, and death?

VfJUK says again – By their fruits you shall know them.

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