Calling all Christians – time to wake up and stand!

We live in evil times.  To some, this may appear to be an extreme statement: but it recognises basic facts.  Over the last weeks, as we have battled the coronavirus pandemic – which so far has seen going on 46,000 deaths in the UK and 620,000 worldwide  – almost unbelievably we have seen a renewed push to decriminalise abortion, putting it on a par with contraception by making it available to all women on demand; consolidation of emergency measures allowing self-administered home abortion; the passing into law of no-fault, virtually ‘on request’, divorce; and expressed 100% commitment by the government to ensure all children, from age 3, learn about same sex relationships and gender diversity, and that ‘heteronormativity’ is just one option among many, all of which are equally good.
Perhaps even more startlingly, the Church of all denominations seems not just to go along with, but actively endorse, these demonic policies, which can only serve to tighten the stranglehold of chaos so that we become, as a nation, complicit in our own destruction.  And this at base is what this is all about – the destruction not just of society, but the obliteration of Christianity … and ultimately, the killing off of the human race. 
We are witness to a declaration of war by the devil on God.  It is a war the devil cannot win; but, while he remains unfettered, he can wreak havoc – separating men and women from God so that, without repentance, they come under sentence of eternal damnation.
Acceptance of these destructive policies is not ‘tolerance’, nor is it demonstration of Christian compassion.  Rather, it is taking the knee to Satan – acknowledging his malign rule and rejecting God.  It is the same battle that began when the serpent first slunk out of the undergrowth in Eden and whispered seductively to Eve, ‘You are gods… you can have it all.’  And now, as then, to succumb and approve such policies is to become enslaved to sin.
It was to set us free from this bondage that, 2,000 years ago, Christ died.  In that decisive battle, Jesus once and for all broke the hold of Satan and restored men and women to that relationship with God for which we had been created.  But it is an offer we have to accept; and, while we await the Lord’s return in glory, the devil still prowls the earth, and men and women remain vulnerable.   Christ’s gift of restoration and freedom is precisely that – a gift that we can choose whether or not to accept, because, unlike the devil, God never compels us.  Rather, we have to choose actively to follow God, as opposed to simply acquiescing to follow where the devil leads; and the call of the Church is to seek out the lost, to teach the way of truth, and to defend the flock against all attack. 
The tragedy today is that so many have chosen the way of death – and the Church remains silent.
Let us make no mistake, there can be no compromise with this evil agenda.  Christians must follow the way of Christ – which requires not that we be perfect (thankfully!), but that we are obedient and love all, forgiving those who wrong us.  But at all times and in all circumstances we are called to stand against sin – in all its forms.  

It is time for Christians to wake up and stand – to make our voice heard.

Planned Judicial Review of RSE Regulations 

 A new group, Let Kids Be Kids Coalition, has been specially formed, bringing together multi-faith groups, to launch a legal action against the Government on the grounds that the RSE Regulations ignore and overturn parental rights as set down in Protocol 1, Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, enshrined in UK law in Protocol 1, Article 2 of the Human Rights Act 1998.  The law lays down that, “… the State shall respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions.”  In promoting the teaching of LGB life-style choices and behaviours, and transgender rights, the Government is not just openly flouting and ignoring the teaching of the Bible and all the world’s major religions – it is breaking the law.  For further information on Let Kids Be Kids Coalition, click here:

VfJUK is supporting this action to the hilt.  Will you stand with us?

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