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LGBT intolerance prevails – Don’t let them win!

DATE : July 5, 2018 AUTHOR :

It is with profound sadness that we report Cllr Richard Smith has been forced to resign from office as Mayor of Ferryhill, after a campaign of extreme intimidation and abuse provoked by complaints of LGBTQ activist and professional female impersonator Mark Boyes, aka Tess Tickle. The online abuse and threats of violence from LGBTQ supporters […]


Where is justice?

DATE : July 3, 2018 AUTHOR :

In 21stcentury Britain, truth is apparently outmoded, irrelevant, and dead.  Certainly, in the case of Richard Smith -pastor of Immanuel Christian Fellowship, decorated military veteran, and mayor of Ferryhill, Co Durham – slaughtered by the unremitting and vicious attack of LGBTQ activists. The unforgiveable crime of which Mr Smith stands accused is that on his […]


Free speech for all – except Christians!

DATE : June 26, 2018 AUTHOR :

It is almost impossible to believe, but in 21stcentury Britain Christians across the country are being vilified, abused, and hounded out of office, simply for daring to voice beliefs drawn from the Bible.  Beliefs, it need hardly be said, that have been the foundation of our culture and laws for a thousand years.   The latest […]


Hands off our children!

DATE : June 7, 2018 AUTHOR :

This petition was closed on 12th May 2020 with a total of 6,918 signatures.

Please sign our petition to the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Theresa May, calling for Government to scrap the guidance stopping parental access to children’s medical records

We thought it was maybe misinterpretation of new GDPR requirements, when parents started to receive letters from their doctors’ surgeries telling them they would no longer be allowed access to their child’s medical records, unless the child gave explicit permission.  It appears, however, that we were wrong, because the Government has now issued a Briefing Paper entitled Patient records and confidentiality.   And as s part of this, The British Medical Association (BMA) has produced guidance on confidentiality and the disclosure of health records in relation to children.  The guidance states:

…children who are aged 12 or over are generally expected to have capacity to give or withhold their consent to the release of information …

If the child is competent to understand what is involved in the proposed treatment, the health professional should, unless there are convincing reasons to the contrary … respect the child’s wishes if they do not want parents or guardians to know. However, every reasonable effort must be made to persuade the child to involve parents or guardians particularly for important or life-changing decisions.’ (House of Commons Briefing Paper, Number 07103, 25 May 2018)


Gospel of Power

DATE : June 5, 2018 AUTHOR :

How can we expect people to follow our faith when we have stopped believing?  How can we expect God to hear our prayers when we are faithless? Secularists often say gleefully that the Church is dying.  It’s an outmoded relic, they say, of a bygone age – pure and simple superstition, disproved by science!  At […]


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