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Protect Christian belief in schools. Stop Secularist/LGBT activists in Ofsted using their powers to drive Christian faith and practice out of education.

DATE : February 6, 2018 AUTHOR :

In a recent speech to the Church of England Foundation for Education Leadership (, Head of Ofsted Amanda Spielman claimed that extremists are using religion actively to pervert education and indoctrinate young people. Singling out for particular mention the Christian Institute (which she wrongly labelled Anglican), she condemned ideological indoctrination by Christian extremists, and said […]


Call to government to prohibit all medical treatment for gender reassignment below age of 18

DATE : January 17, 2018 AUTHOR :

With increasing reports of people seeking reversal of gender reassignment surgery (see recent report in The Independent, ; see also The Guardian, we call for medical intervention to change gender, whether surgical or by the administration of sex changing hormones, to be banned below the age of 18. Increasingly in schools, children as young […]


What if…?

DATE : January 2, 2018 AUTHOR :

What if Jesus had never been born?   What if Mary, at age 14, had discovered she was pregnant, gone to the school nurse, and had an abortion without her parents even knowing? What would have been Mary’s future? What would have been the future for the world? Okay, let’s forget the first scenario because abortion […]


Scrap guidance to teachers in Church of England schools promoting gender dysphoria among children.

DATE : November 14, 2017 AUTHOR :

To the Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury The Church of England has issued guidance to its primary schools, allowing children to identify as transgender. As a part of normal child development children ‘explore’ who they are. Since time immemorial girls have been tom-boys, wanting to climb trees, play football, and […]


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