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Time for the mouse to roar!

DATE : January 8, 2020 AUTHOR :

Happy new year… Today, we are witness to the ever increasing disintegration of society – with families collapsing, STIs ravaging the population like a modern day plague, and mental illness affecting one in four of the population, with anxiety, depression and OCD becoming for many an uncomfortable and inescapable fact of life (   Add to that […]



DATE : December 5, 2019 AUTHOR :

Last week, after publication of our open letter, the Church of England issued its new Charter for schools delivering Relationships, Sex and Health Education. The following is our response. For the nation’s young, Relationships and Sex Education teaching in this country has been an unmitigated disaster. FACTS: Epidemic level STDs amongst teenagers, with the highest rate of infections across […]


A Call for More!

DATE : November 27, 2019 AUTHOR :

Since the introduction of the new RSE Regulations, which become mandatory from September 2020, controversy has raged over the normalisation and promotion of LGBT behaviours and life-style choices in Primary Schools.  Parents have justifiably complained that such teaching prematurely sexualises children and is inappropriate, as well as deeply confusing and with serious health risks.   But parents of […]


Suffer the little children…. SNEAKY!

DATE : November 26, 2019 AUTHOR :

While no one’s been looking, the DfE has been busy.  On November 5th, immediately before Parliament’s dissolution on November 6th, and before the Government and civil service went into purdah in the run up to the General Election on 12th December, they issued a revised response to the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Regulations ( -sex-education-rse-and-health-education-faqs).  This replaced […]


How will you vote? Policy Questions to party leaders

DATE : November 17, 2019 AUTHOR :

To assist voters in deciding how to vote, VfJUK has sent the following questions to leaders of the main Parties, asking for details of their Party’s policy.  As they respond, we shall print their answers for comparison on our website.  So far only the Christian Peoples’ Alliance have replied.  Their responses are included in bold after each question. […]


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