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DATE : December 11, 2012 AUTHOR :

Is there a case for same-sex marriage?  Questions of eligibility and consequences Voice for Justice UK is proud to announce its co-publication with Anglican Mainstreamof the groundbreaking study by R S Harris, Is there a case for same-sex marriage?  This is a fearless examination of the issues involved, based on peer reviewed, worldwide research.  A […]


DATE : November 30, 2012 AUTHOR :

The growing problem of moral schizophrenia Recently, almost every other day seems to throw up fresh revelations of high profile figures involved in sex abuse.  The most recent allegations relate to Sir Cyril Smith, formerly highly respected Liberal MP for Rochdale, with claims going back to the 1960s.  ‘Twas ever thus,’ people say, and maybe […]


DATE : November 24, 2012 AUTHOR :

The Thought police … coming to a street near you 118 Tory MPs rebelling over the proposed legislation, now apparently being fast-tracked by David Cameron, to allow gay marriage! Whatever next?  However hard our Prime Minister tries to pull religion – that is, Christianity – into line and tell us we’re out of step, he […]


French March to support traditional marriage – what now for the UK?

DATE : November 22, 2012 AUTHOR :

As reported (quietly) last week by the BBC, 70,000 took to the streets of Paris to protest against plans to legalise same-sex marriage and allow gay adoption.  Spearheaded by the Catholic Church, this protest has been almost completely ignored by the British media.  One has to ask, why?  Can it be that these demonstrations expose […]


DATE : November 21, 2012 AUTHOR :

See the four minute video on YouTube covering the Parliamentary Sexualisation of Children Conference at: Parliamentarians were shocked to hear what our children are routinely being taught in schools these days – and how pregnancy, abortion and STI rates have all sky rocketed as result!


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