Discrimination is alive and well … and directed at Christians

Respected fee-paying school Trent College, near Nottingham, founded in 1868, recently reported its chaplain, Reverend Dr Bernard Randall, to the Government’s anti-terrorism Prevent programme, designed to protect the vulnerable from radicalisation and recruitment into terrorist activity.   Good heavens!  What on earth was the Reverend doctor’s offence?  Had he been indoctrinating pupils into fundamentalist beliefs that encouraged the slaughter of non-believers and apostates?  Had he been advocating violent extremism, with covert instruction in lunch-time Bible study groups on how to make a bomb?

Nothing so exciting, apparently  The good Reverend doctor had simply given a sermon in chapel telling pupils they did not have to accept or agree with the school’s LGBT policies and its attempted imposition of  an LGBT+ compliant curriculum, if they felt such teachings ran contrary to Church of England principles (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9557845/School-reports-chaplain-telling-pupils-theyre-allowed-disagree-LGBT-teaching.html ).  Amongst other things, he reportedly told them, “It is perfectly legitimate to think that marriage should only properly be understood as being a lifelong exclusive union of a man and a woman.”  In other words, Dr Randall was upholding Christian faith and doing his job.

Notwithstanding, the police duly investigated Dr Randall, but concluded he was not radicalising the pupils and did not constitute a terrorist risk.  There’s a surprise – some sanity at last.  Yet, nothing daunted – and seemingly continuing its expressed drive to smash heteronormativity (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9557865/Ex-Cambridge-college-chaplain-new-job-guide-young-people-Orwellian-nightmare.html ) – the school then reported him to the local authority as posing a potential risk to children.  After which, they proceeded to sack him.

This is a travesty of justice.  But, more than that, it reflects the growing intolerance and bigotry against Christian belief that is being relentlessly pushed by secular and LGBTQ+ activists, who will brook no criticism – no matter how well founded – of what they somewhat disingenuously call ‘the new normal’.   It is a fiction with which society, intimidated into acquiescence by unfounded and vicious accusations of hatred and bigotry, mindlessly colludes.   However looked at, this is overt Christaphobia, and for the future wellbeing and health of society, it is vital it stops.   Prejudice towards others and bigoted condemnation of those with whom we disagree should never be ‘tolerated’.  Yet that is exactly what the metropolitan and anti-religious elite apparently demand.

The sad truth is that any and all expression of religious faith is becoming increasingly demonized by the hell hounds of diversity, howling for beliefs which differ from their own to be made subject to legal penalty.

If ever there were an oxymoron, this is it.  But it gets worse, because the Church – whose sacred calling is to safeguard the faith, ensuring the sound teaching of doctrine and its transmission to believers and non-believers alike – connives in this pernicious fantasy of liberal equivalence and ‘victimhood’, abandoning all pretence of defending truth and providing a moral compass in society.   If it were otherwise, the Church of England, which employs Dr Randall, would surely have defended him.  But instead there was only ringing silence… closely followed by a grovelling instruction to religious schools to avoid hymns in collective worship that might make pupils or teachers feel uncomfortable, because of their suggestion that Christianity might just possibly be the ultimate revelation of God (https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/dont-sing-hymns-that-are-too-preachy-church-of-england-schools-told-h6b6f69b3).  Instead, for fear of upsetting Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus – and presumably Satanists, in the multifaith mishmash that these days passes for a culturally balanced society – only bland and meaningless lyrics that tell us everything is wonderful will be allowed.

Democracy, we are told, is flourishing, and Britain can be justifiably proud of its defence of the rainbow mix that comprises our nation.  But apparently such freedoms are only granted to those whose views are approved by the metropolitan and Godless elite.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), LGBT people make up 2.0% of the population (https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/culturalidentity/
).  By contrast, 59.3% of the population of England and Wales identify as Christian (https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/culturalidentity/religion/
).  When the numbers for LGBT people are, therefore, so low, how is it possible that society can act with such hatred and intolerance towards those of faith who are merely, peacefully and peaceably, attempting to follow their beliefs?   And when 59% of the population say they are Christian, in a country that is founded upon Christian principles and still, in name at least, dedicated to Christian belief, why is the Church so eager to promote this programme of toothless rebranding that traduces the divinity of Christ?

In permitting the deliberate marginalisation and suppression of faith, that is becoming increasingly apparent in the UK, we are literally on the road to hell.  In order to get society back on track – to become once again a truly democratic society – it is imperative that the Church rediscover faith, recover its voice, and have the guts to stand up for what it professes to believe.  And as a society, regardless of the belief to which we subscribe, we must resist this systemic imposition of immorality.   We all of us have the right of ‘choice’, but that choice must not be imposed upon others, as so demonstrably now being attempted by secular and LGBT+ activists, and supported by those who would rather go along with it than do what is right.

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