Dodgy diversity schemes – No thanks!

Pogrom – a mob attack, approved or condoned by authorities, against the persons and property of a religious, racial or national minority (

In an extremely welcome and, some might think, long overdue move recognising the reality of Stonewall’s underhand campaign to impose LGBT ideology on the rest of society, the Government has at long last issued guidance telling all government departments to withdraw from the gay rights’ group controversial and mis-named ‘Diversity scheme’   
At last, a glimmer of sanity!   
Let us be clear, nobody is suggesting that we now support discrimination against LGBTQ people because of their sexual orientation – but this is precisely what Stonewall’s pernicious diversity programme has attempted to do, demanding that everyone sign up to and support their version of repressive equality and inclusivity.   Rarely can the word ‘equality’ have been so misused, because in the Stonewall version of reality, anyone not buying into their pogrom of moral redefinition has been subjected to discrimination, harassment, vilification, exclusion – and even criminalisation!  And Bible-believing Christians especially have been the target of denunciation, because of the prohibition in Scripture against all sex outside marriage between one man and one woman, in exclusive and monogamous union for life.   In Stonewall’s world, no one is allowed to say this, because it’s evidence of outdated bigotry and religious intolerance and all such views must be rigorously suppressed.
All of which, one would have thought, makes Stonewall’s version of diversity an oxymoron – a clear contradiction in terms.    Of even greater concern, however, is the fact that the so-called diversity programme has become a weapon for indoctrination, even imposing acceptance of LGBT ideology onto children, in a deliberate attempt to reconfigure society.
In the 19th century, Karl Marx identified schooling as a tool for transmitting class or group ideology.  It is a lesson LGBTQ+ activists have learned well, demanding that children from age 3 onwards be taught that they can choose their gender, that LGBT relations are exactly the same as heterosexual relations, and that all ‘families’ are the same.  This is brain-washing on an industrial scale, and that Government departments are now recognising the political motivations underlying so called diversity schemes is welcome indeed.  
Yet the Government now needs to go much further.   In particular, it must recognise that the deliberate and targeted marginalisation of Christians is, at heart, manifestation of a secularist drive to re-orchestrate our values and so smash the building blocks that have provided the foundations of our society and made us strong for over a thousand years.
In multicultural, multi-faith Britain, over the last couple of decades we have expended vast amounts of time and money attempting to enforce “diversity”, and make society more sexually and racially accommodating to people and views that were once alien or little known.  In some ways this has been good, yet now our historic and easy-going tolerance, and readiness to welcome and help those in need, is being exploited against us.  Our once proud history, for example, is being relabelled colonialism and exploitative supremacy, our ‘heroes’ vilified, and our young taught to be ashamed of their heritage and ‘colour’.   Meekly accepting, we have all become complicit in orchestrating ‘suppression’ of the majority, and the result is our society overall has become morally decadent, corrupt, and weak.
Justice cannot be reduced to a matter of competition between different ‘groups’, and the debate should not be about rewriting our history, so as to emphasise perceived wrong by a minority group.  Rather the focus should be on what we have done right, so that we might build on that and move forward together.  It is surely then time to reconsider who we are, and rediscover and affirm the historic Christian values on which our society is founded.  
In the last couple of weeks, the world has witnessed the violent and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia, with President Putin, under the fiction of protecting national security and ‘liberation’, swearing to annihilate Ukrainian independence.   This puts not just Ukraine, but the whole of the rest of the world, in jeopardy, and it is no exaggeration to say that the West now faces a challenge not seen since the second world war.  In such a conflict, Russia will pay no heed to our rebranded values and woke protestations of fairness.  

The perhaps unpalatable truth is that unless we recover our strength, and take a stand on the real values underpinning society, we shall fall.  Let us then reaffirm our commitment to genuine justice and truth, that we may effectively aid those under attack and stand against the real evils now threatening us and the rest of the world.  

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