Enforced redefinition of faith. Thank you, guys!

There is a covert, but highly unpleasant, revolution taking place in this country. It is true that blood has not so far been shed, but it is nevertheless deadly, and the path of this relentless juggernaut is strewn with the mangled remains of … Bible believing Christians. In any other century they would have been called martyrs.

What am I talking about? In recent days we have seen the MP for the Isle of Wight, Andrew Turner, forced to stand down as Parliamentary candidate by Conservative Central Office after having reportedly told A-level students at Newport that homosexuality was wrong and dangerous to society. Surely, one would have thought, if the man honestly felt this and could give reasons why, while maintaining charity towards people attracted to the same sex, he was entitled to say so. But apparently not. A sixteen year old student and LGBT activist quickly posted her outrage on social media, after which the MP was universally pilloried for his contemptible bigotry, seen for example in the scathing denunciation by Labour election boss, Andrew Gwynne, “There is no place for bigotry and hatred like this in modern society, and no one holding these views is fit for public office.” (https://onthewight.com/andrew-turner-homosexual-comments-response-isle-of-wight/   Read more on the story here, http://www.iwcp.co.uk/news/Anger-over-alleged-Andrew-Turner-homosexuality-comments-314956.aspx and http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/28/tory-mp-stands-allegedly-telling-students-homosexuality-wrong/).

At the same time Tim Farron, well-know Christian and leader of the LibDems, was repeatedly hounded in the press to say whether or not he believed homosexuality was a sin. The clear and obvious implication was that if he stood by traditional Christian doctrine and said it was, he would be out. No prizes for guessing which way he jumped! Then the media, not content with this victory, turned the spotlight on ‘vicar’s daughter’ Theresa May, and asked her the same question.   Her answer too came as no surprise.

Excellent, you may say. This is how it should be. We won’t stand for bigotry in 21st century Britain! And I would heartily concur with this judgement, but let me ask a question. Exactly who are the bigots here?

We would all agree that the social climate of the UK – and indeed the world – has changed dramatically over the last few years. In particular, equality and diversity law has seen growing enforced acceptance of lifestyles and practices once regarded as taboo: a triumph for our famously rebranded ‘British values’!

Indeed, so successful has this campaign been that the National Union of Teachers felt emboldened at its recent conference to pass a motion calling not just for more sex education, but for the active promotion of LGBT+ issues to all children, starting in nursery. A small change perhaps outwardly, but in reality a seismic shift – because the motivation behind this motion was not child protection and safety, but a call for the normalization and acceptance of minority sexual and transgender diversity (https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/call-to-teach-toddlers-about-transgender-issues-h2kkdcjlq).

However, the recent intimidation of the media marks an even more disturbing development.

Our society prides itself on its defence of human rights, rightly labelled the cornerstone of democracy. But here of course we have an immediate problem, because the elevation of LGBT+ rights to pole position overrides conflicting rights of Christians to free speech, most especially where it involves the defence and expression of traditional belief as set down in the Bible. What to do? Much head scratching, but the answer now come up with is simple; reconfigure belief so that it matches the new Weltanschauung.  And then force people in positions of influence publicly to deny their beliefs and to join the new bandwagon.

In effect, ‘Let us make man in our image’ becomes, ‘Let us make God in man’s image’.

This is the new, gloriously sanitized and acceptable version of Christianity – with a squidgy, warm, comforting god, who never disapproves of anything except intolerance towards gay rights. So ‘Freedom of belief’ is maintained … but at the cost of suppressing Christianity by imposing an amended system still called by the same name, and in the process rebranding Bible believing Christians as bigots!

What madness is this, where people are no longer allowed to express honestly held beliefs? And where Christian believers are intimidated and bullied into towing the violently oppressive LGBT party line?

Like it or not, this is totalitarianism, with the suppression of any and all views that conflict. Which is absolutely fine, of course, provided there really isn’t a God who actually means what He said as currently recorded in the Bible.

In which case …. guys, you have a real problem!








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