Evil never gives up – and nor must we

You will doubtless have heard by now the concerning news that, on Wednesday, Parliament voted by 215 to 188 votes to make so-called ‘DIY abortion’ permanent.  The move comes following an earlier announcement by Government that the emergency measure – introduced as a temporary expedient during lockdown, to minimise the risk of Covid transmission by in-person visits to clinics – would finish in August this year. 
In effect, jettisoning the requirement that women have a face-to-face medical assessment is one more step along the road to total de-medicalisation of abortion – something that has long been a goal for abortion activists, alongside not just decriminalisation, but complete legalisation.  Although, at the risk of pricking this utopian bubble, it should be pointed out, of course, that the adverse effects of abortion will always require medical intervention – a fact abortion activists happily ignore.

That said, abortion providers and campaigners are euphoric at their victory, as evidenced in the statement by Clare Murphy, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), who said: “We are absolutely delighted that MPs followed the evidence and above all listened to women when they voted for the continuation of this service …  Early abortion at home is safe, effective and an important option for women” (https://news.sky.com/story/mps-vote-to-continue-at-home-abortion-care-introduced-in-lockdown-12578383).

Sadly, however, home abortion is very far from ‘safe’, and we should view such statements with extreme caution – even disbelief.     Despite what is asserted, there is strong evidence that taking the pills without proper medical oversight carries high risk to women’s health and safety, while also being open to deliberate abuse.  Without prior face-to-face assessment, for example, it is very hard to tell whether a woman is being coerced or subjected to abuse.   Moreover, 1 in 17 women who take the pills will subsequently require hospital treatment, including surgery for things such as incomplete abortion – necessitating removal of what are termed ‘retained products’ – haemorrhage, and infection or sepsis. 
There is also, of course, clear evidence that some women will take the pills beyond the 10 week gestational period, whether because: they have mistakenly calculated the age of the foetus; they obtained the pills within the legal gestational limit, but then delayed taking them; or they knowingly decided to abort the baby beyond the time permitted.   Whatever the reason, failure to comply with medical directives potentially endangers a woman’s life, while increasing the risk of illegal abortion.  And it should be remembered that there has already been a police investigation into the death of a stillborn baby, after a woman took the pills at 28 weeks – four weeks beyond the current time limit for abortion (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11690506/police-probe-death-of-unborn-baby-after-woman-has-illegal-abortion-by-post-at-28-weeks-four-weeks-past-limit/).

No, at-home abortion, without medical supervision, is very far from ‘safe’, and women have become collateral damage in the drive to enforce ideology!  

Nothing daunted, activists nevertheless argue that abortion is simply another form of contraception, and that it’s all about a woman’s right to do what she wants with her own body.  This is very far from the truth.   Abortion is the licensed murder of another, as yet unborn, human being, and so-called ‘DIY abortion’ is merely the next step in a socio-political drive to commodify humanity, giving the message that human life is of value only in so far as it is ‘useful’ and ‘wanted’ by others.  
But the question must surely be asked, if the unborn can be so casually sacrificed, what price the right to life of the old and vulnerable, the enfeebled, or all those not conspicuously contributing to society?  Indeed, if unwanted children can be so easily discarded, why have a cut-off point at birth?

That the Government should have voted to continue this unnecessary and hazardous ‘temporary’ practice is scandalous.  Far from affirming women’s rights and choice, as maintained by campaigners, it demonstrates on the part of Parliament a people-pleasing, vote-catching servility – devoid of all principle – that gives way at the merest hint of self-serving opposition.   In such a climate, the ideologues seeking to impose their rebranded values, so fatally and demonstrably eroding the stability of society, will always win.  

Secular humanism advocates what it coyly calls ‘women’s reproductive rights’, claiming morality is a matter of personal choice, and that men and women can do whatever they want, ‘with the general aim of minimising suffering and advancing human happiness’ (https://humanists.uk/campaigns/public-ethical-issues/).  But in the dog-eat-dog utopia they appear to hold as a goal, human happiness is the prerogative of the strong, with the weakest left to whimper and die against the wall.    Those with the loudest voices prevail … and it is this our government has approved.
An advanced and caring society should not collapse in face of coercion by interest groups seeking to redefine our culture.  Rather it should demonstrate genuine compassion and care for all.  It should uphold the right to freedom for all, including for children still waiting to be born – and it should resist covert attempts to impose totalitarian control by interest groups, dedicated to the reconfiguration of society’s values.  

The truth is, though dressed in the language of autonomy and ‘a woman’s right to choose’, insistence on the right to abortion is at heart a demonic assault that trivialises life, undermines the social fabric, and seeks to challenge God for control.  Its goal is destruction and death.  And that is why it is so deeply to be regretted that Parliament has passed this weasel amendment.  In being given a real chance to protect women’s health, by ending DIY abortion, the nation was offered a choice between life and death.    To their shame, our leaders have chosen death.

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