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At the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour, on the 11th November 1918, the Armistice, ending hostilities between the allies and Germany, was signed at Le Francourt near Compiègne, in France.  It was in effect a German surrender.  During the course of the war some 40 million men are estimated to have been killed or wounded.  Precise figures remain unknown, but amongst the dead, Russia is thought to have lost 1,700,000 troops, Britain 908,371, and Germany 1,773,700 ( ).  There had been other global conflicts, but nothing before perhaps on so large a geographical scale.  Now, in this country, we remember and honour the sacrifice of so many young men, who died that we might free, by wearing a poppy and holding annual services of remembrance.

Today we are fighting a different, but no less deadly, war.  People hostile to the values on which our society has been founded and to our culture, are battling to undermine all we hold dear and to assert control, silencing all opposition.   Children are especially the object of attack, victims of an unremitting campaign to sexualise and pervert their innocence.   Even worse perhaps, the very right to life, at both its beginning and end, is under threat.  Under this new regime, men and women are no longer made male and female in the image of God, but blank slates who can ‘choose’ what they want to be for themselves.  And whether they ⎼ we ⎼ live or die is a matter for decision by a coldly utilitarian world, with doctors increasingly usurping the place of God.

That so many fail to understand what is happening ⎼ that we are victims of an attempted coup by forces hostile to God and to all we hold dear ⎼ makes it all the more urgent that we, like those young men who gave their lives in the conflict of WW1, stand against this evil attack on our society.

Can you help us in this battle?  VfJUK is committed to fighting for Christian freedoms in an increasingly hostile world.  We work especially to defend children from all forms of exploitation and abuse, and to defend the right to life of those who cannot speak for themselves.

We fight for our freedoms … We fight for you!

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