Brighton and Hove city council has apparently issued advice to its teachers to tell Primary school children that trans-boys and men and non-binary people can have periods. Language used to talk about menstruation, the guidance says, should be inclusive of all genders (

Since when, VfJUK asks, did it become alright to lie about science?   Such teaching flies in the face of biology and is clear evidence of transgender indoctrination attempting to normalise a perverted and damaging view of reality.   The so-called ‘guidance’ is child abuse at its worst, giving the scientifically unsupported message that sex is a matter of choice, not biology.   It can only further endanger the nation’s young, pressuring them into making so-called, but unnecessary, choices about identity.

While there are a very few cases of what is medically termed gender ambiguity, sexual identity for the greater part of humanity is not ‘choice’, but biological reality.  Forcing children to question their sexual identity by confusing and confused misinformation is highly damaging, and may encourage them to make life-changing decisions they will subsequently bitterly regret.

Stop the ideological madness of LGBT activists who deny or distort truth in order to promote their own agenda.  Stop teaching children lies.



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