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This, consistently, is the line the Department for Education now seems to be taking when it comes to handling “difficult” (i.e. non-submissive) parents.  In fact, if anything, their determination to compel acceptance of LGBT life-styles and values seems to be hardening.  This mindset now seems to have been taken over by the Welsh government, which has recently published a Consultation into radical plans to make all children between the ages of 3-16 subject to Compulsory Sexuality Education, abolishing entirely the parental right of withdrawal.

Yes, you read that right.  The Welsh government is planning to integrate rebranded values normalising LGBT liftestyle choices and behaviours throughout the whole curriculum, making it impossible, they say, for parents to withdraw their children from teaching that they believe is inappropriate.

This seems directly to comply with the new advice on how to make the curriculum LGBT compliant that was recently issued by Stonewall
But whether deliberate or not, if the Welsh Government has its way, all children from age 3 will be taught that homosexuality and same sex marriage are exactly the same as heterosexual relationships, and that gender is no longer a matter of biology, but pure choice.

Let us be clear.  The aim, as so succinctly stated by Elly Barnes, LGBT activist and founder of Educate and Celebrate, is not the fostering of tolerance and inclusivity – but rather to smash heteronormativity (

This is a declaration of war, and for the sake of the nation’s young, we cannot and must not keep silent.   The Welsh Consultation is open to all people in the British Isles – i.e. you don’t have to be resident in Wales to respond – and it’s important, because if these pernicious proposals pass into law, they will set a precedent.   Which campaigners in England will be very quick to exploit.

The Consultation closes on November 28th, but please, don’t delay.  For further information and to read VfJUK’s Briefing setting out the issues and giving advice on how to respond, click here:

To respond to the Welsh government online survey, click here:
A further thought:  Here in England, the Government has pledged a massive £6 million to help train teachers in delivery of the new RSE curriculum.  But even this, is appears, is not enough, because Lucy Emmerson, Director of the Sex Education Forum, has called for a further £60 million to be made available over the next spending review period (

How exactly do they propose to spend this enormous amount of taxpayers’ money, VfJUK asks?  Will they give more money to groups like that run by Ms Barnes, so that she can produce even more “inclusive” resources?  Will they put it towards a legal fund to help schools “deal” with protesting parents?

The answer to both questions is probably yes.  But one thing you can be sure they won’t do, is put it towards designing a programme that will genuinely safeguard and protect children, and that parents will wholeheartedly support!

Don’t delay!  Please respond to the Welsh Government Consultation today.

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