DATE : January 28, 2013 AUTHOR :

Please sign our petition to stop abuse of the Liverpool Care Pathway In recent months it has become increasingly obvious that the Liverpool Care Pathway, originally developed to provide compassionate care and support for patients in the latter stages of terminal illness, has been massively abused in NHS hospitals throughout the UK. Elderly and/or chronically […]


DATE : January 25, 2013 AUTHOR :

The problems of hubris – and how to resist So, the Government’s Bill to redefine marriage is being published today, January 25th, with the first major debate scheduled to take place at its second reading on Tuesday, February 5th. This doesn’t feel so much ‘fast-tracked’, as the Prime Minister tripping over his feet in panic […]


DATE : January 10, 2013 AUTHOR :

Highway to heaven… or road to hell?  The Liverpool Care Pathway All of us want a ‘good death’, by which generally we mean free of pain and with our dignity preserved.  Most of us do not want it be hastened by a premature assessment as to the quality of our lives that decides we are […]


DATE : December 21, 2012 AUTHOR :

We Did It! On Tuesday, 11thDecember, as we had warned the previous week, the government announced its plans to legalise same-sex marriage.  Up till a few days before we had thought there would be no announcement regarding any Bill till early in 2013, but it would appear the government has gone into panic mode, and […]


DATE : December 12, 2012 AUTHOR :

What a difference a day makes. One minute we were all happily contemplating how best to celebrate Christmas in a recession, and the next the whole country is up in arms over the proposed legislation announced yesterday to introduce gay marriage.  Quite what can have possessed David Cameron to charge willy nilly down this particular […]


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