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According to Reuters, on 30th January 2016, hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered in the Circus Maximus in Rome to protest the introduction of same sex unions and gay adoption. Organisers reportedly estimated that around two million people attended the rally, the crowd so big that they were forced to spill out into the surrounding streets.

News coverage of this event in the UK was at best muted; at worst, non-existent.   The BBC carried a report on its European online news section. It was headed, ‘Italy protest against same sex marriage gathers thousands (italics added)’. Only towards the end of the article did it add, ‘Organisers said two million had attended, far more than the venue’s capacity, and journalists at the scene estimated the figure at around 300,000’.

Similarly, The Guardian reported, ‘Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Rome to protest against legislation that would allow civil unions for same-sex couples in Italy’ (Saturday, 30th January, Italians protest against civil unions for same sex couples).   The number was even further downgraded by The Telegraph’s headline, which stated, ‘Hundreds in Italy protest against same-sex marriage as cardinal urges government to listen’. The subsequent article written by Alice Philipson went on to say that hundreds of thousands of Italians took to the streets to protest against the proposed bill. But don’t worry, because she goes on to assure us that, ‘there are also significant numbers of Italians in favour …’

The point is, the subject matter and its acceptability to the liberal elite seems these days to dictate the amount and style of coverage. To put it bluntly, anything supporting the nation’s newly defined ‘values’ gets highly positive publicity.   But anything supporting what are branded reactionary traditional values is minimized, ridiculed or ignored.

Compare the BBC’s promotion of transsexualism on its main news programmes on Monday 1st February. Some may wonder why this item was included as news at all, but there was an in-depth feature on the trials and tribulations of a Jamaican lady who, the reporter claimed, had “transitioned from female to male”, and had at the time experienced rejection from family and neighbours.

Though one might lament it, hardly an unusual experience, especially in the conservatively minded Caribbean.   But the only possible justification for the inclusion of this item was the promotion of transsexualism.   It appears in fact no more than part of an overt and cleverly orchestrated campaign to sway public opinion to support transgenderism, currently being promoted in society at large, and schools in particular.   A very far cry, one might think, from the objective, fact-based reporting expected of the BBC!

Sadly, these examples are representative of a growing trend, the object of which appears to be to marginalize and eliminate any views inconsistent with the remodeled values currently dominating society.

Western civilization is imploding, but in this brave new world it would seem that the Christian voice is unacceptable and needs to be silenced. The truth is we are under ideological attack – a competing belief system that will not allow different views. Individual examples of this may to many appear unremarkable; but we are all being subjected to a sinister and ultimately dangerous process – in which, oddly enough, even liberalism will ultimately destroy itself.  Covert but relentless Totalitarianism.   The death knell has sounded for our society.

It is for this reason that we call upon David Cameron and Her Majesty’s government to uphold the UK’s Christian heritage, and to protect freedom of speech and belief. For all of us.

Before it is too late.

Sign our petition here https://www.change.org/p/david-cameron-mp-her-majesty-s-government-david-cameron-uphold-the-uk-s-christian-heritage-protect-freedom-of-speech-and-belief




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