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For well over a thousand years Christianity has been the cornerstone and foundation of our nation. In 1215 Magna Carta, one of the most famous documents in the world, set out the rights and liberties of the individual as protection against the coercive use of power by the State. It laid the foundations for Western democracy worldwide, in the future underpinning both the American constitution, and the Declaration of Human Rights.

In effect, it was a peace treaty between ‘bad’ King John and his rebellious barons, but Magna Carta’s principles were entirely and consciously Christian, founded on Anglo-Saxon precedents that saw the role of the king as to care for and lead the people, under God. Ground breakingly, the Charter developed this notion to make the king equally subject to the law.

Down the centuries this has remained our guiding principle, and Magna Carta’s influence has spread worldwide – yet increasingly today we see these ancient freedoms under threat.   As attitudes towards sexuality and orientation have changed, so anti-discrimination law now makes the voicing of any and all criticism illegal, rebranding comments expressing disquiet as hatred and intimidation. So fierce are these laws that it is in fact today the Christians who are discriminated against – criminalized for giving voice to Biblical belief. Scripture, we are told, has to be brought into line with modern attitudes!

Equality law, as applied, discriminates against Christians.

In the same way, in multicultural Britain all beliefs are supposedly equally valid. With the exception of Christianity. Christians are fine so long as we confine ourselves to helping people, but the merest hint of the belief that Christ alone is the way, the truth and the life – or the whisper of a prayer – and that’s it! In one fell swoop we are branded bigots – vicious haters of other cultures and all those who think differently from ourselves.   No matter that people may have asked for our help, or attacked us without any obvious provocation, today we are branded the villains. So increasingly we see Christians being discriminated against at work, in schools, and in the media – vilified and ridiculed for our beliefs, with the ever-present threat of diversity law if we venture to disagree.

So we are saying today, enough is enough. We believe the Bible is the revealed word of God, and that obedience brings fulfillment and freedom, while disobedience leads to death. We believe that Christ died to free us from sin, and that He alone is the way, the truth and the life. We believe that only Christianity honours and cares for every individual as having intrinsic and equal worth; because all alike are made in the image of God and therefore deserve respect.

It is time to stand against the bullies and to defend our faith, because only in this way will our nation prosper. So if any of this resonates with you, please sign our petition calling for David Cameron and Her Majesty’s Government to uphold the UK’s Christian heritage, and to protect freedom of belief and speech for all. Together we can make a difference.

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