Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil … See No Evil

Reports from Rotherham tell us that at a conservative estimate over1400 young girls, some as young as 11, were sexually abused by Asian gangs over a period of 15 years. Police and social services apparently refused to investigate or take complaints seriously for fear of being branded racist. Said one young victim, ‘I was being viciously groomed and locked in strange homes with dirty, filthy men. I had no voice to speak. No one listened.’ (Daily Mail, August 29)

So yet again it appears that the young and vulnerable have been sacrificed on the altars of political correctness, with acolytes of the new religion this time cowering behind the Dagon image of inclusivity and multiculturalism.

As a society we pride ourselves on our compassion and defence of justice, yet almost daily we are blasted by ever more shocking revelations of historical abuse, extending from the highest echelons of society down to the grooming lowlife that haunt inner city streets.  We know as fact that child victims of these perverted behaviours are scarred for life, both psychologically and physically, yet for some reason there appears to have been a conspiracy of silence that has allowed the perpetrators to carry on regardless.

What we fail to acknowledge, however, is that such abuse is very far from being ‘past’.  It is current – happening throughout our cities and involving men at every level of society, from politicians and senior Churchmen, to paedophile pimps and everything in between.  And still the silence and suppression goes on.  There is lust and perversion here certainly – to call the perpetrators ‘animals’ is to insult the animal kingdom.  Yet at the heart of these appalling crimes is something infinitely more insidious and evil than mere sex, because abuse, like rape, is at base not a crime of love, but of hate.   Hatred of the victim.  Hatred of society.  Hatred of self.

Nonetheless the cover up and intimidation of those calling for justice continues, as evidenced by the plight of Robert Green, still awaiting trial on what appear trumped up charges of harassment concerning allegations of sex abuse against Holly Grieg.  Why will the Scottish authorities not just investigate the allegations properly and get the matter sorted once and for all?  What are they so afraid of…?  What fantasy makes those in government, the Church, local authorities, ethnic communities – or indeed whatever group may be involved – ever imagine it is better not to confront and deal with evil?

We are none of us innocent. As a society we have increasingly normalized sexual licence, promiscuity and perversion – all in the name of tolerance and inclusivity.  Even worse, in justification of adult behaviours that deep down we all know to be both wrong and harmful, we have peddled the myth that any form of restraint (whether self-motivated or external) is in itself abuse, and that pre-pubescent sexual activity is both normal and right.   Babies we are told, courtesy of Kinsey, are sexual beings, while unlooked for consequences, whether of disease or new life, have merely to be dealt with.

Such licence is not liberation, but has at its heart a pact with death – it is a religion of death.  Pretending otherwise helps no one and betrays those who deserve our protection and care. By refusing to acknowledge and deal with the hidden evil that is destroying society from within we are accomplices in crime, and therefore ourselves carry guilt.   We shall all have to bear the consequences.







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