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Neither ‘Straight’ Nor Honest – The Times’ Undercover Investigation Into Conversion Therapy

DATE : August 2, 2021 AUTHOR :

DATE: 02 August 2021 As seen at: Christian Today, Lynda Rose Following an undercover Times “investigation” into so-called conversion therapy, Lynda Rose considers the case of a lesbian journalist who pretended to want to become “straight” and approached a Christian group for help. Her ultimate goal was to show what she believed was bad practice, […]


A Conspiracy of Corruption that Allowed Abuse to Continue Unchecked

DATE : July 29, 2021 AUTHOR :

DATE: 29 July 2021 As seen at: Christian Today, Lynda Rose Lynda Rose considers the endemic problem of child abuse that has been allowed to operate in care homes, and calls for a more fearless and rigorous investigation in order to achieve accountability, and to ultimately protect vulnerable children. Read here.  


If We Want Deliverance from this Pandemic Once and For All, How About Asking God for His Help?

DATE : July 15, 2021 AUTHOR :

DATE: 15 July 2021 As seen at: Christian Today, Lynda Rose With Covid infections on the rise and the prospect of the lifting of all restrictions, Lynda Rose proposes that society needs to turn to God for ultimate solutions. Read here.


Redefining Marriage: a Step too Far

DATE : July 7, 2021 AUTHOR :

Date: 07 July 2021 As seen at: Christian Today, Lynda Rose Following the news that the Methodist Church has voted to approve same sex marriage, Lynda Rose writes about how this step signals an abandonment of, even contempt for, the true Christian teaching that marriage is defined as an exclusive, lifelong and monogamous union between […]


Call to the Church to Repent by Lynda Rose, Voice for Justice UK

DATE : March 28, 2021 AUTHOR :

DATE: 28 March 2021 Source: IPAA TV – Trusted Voice Lynda Rose of Voice for Justice UK and representatives from other pro-life groups join together for prayers of repentance. Watch here.  


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