The damaging and immoral depravity of the BBC

The BBC (Beelzebub’s Broadcasting Corporation) teaches children that there are over 100 genders (   This rather startling claim appears in a series of nine films put together by BBC Teach for use alongside the personal, social, and health education (PSHE) curriculum in schools.

An almost bewildering array of politically correct choice, one might have thought, and highly confusing to the average nine year old at whom the lessons are aimed – especially given that there is not a shred of medical or scientific evidence in support.   But such considerations are apparently immaterial.  Yet again Auntie, at the forefront of progressive thinking, has taken it upon herself to promote and impose diversity upon a laggard and recalcitrant nation!   Or more precisely, in this instance, on the nation’s laggard and recalcitrant children.

Whoever controls the behaviour and attitudes of the young … controls the future.

I suspect most of us think this kind of approach is a blatant attempt at social engineering, worryingly endangering children who, by definition, lack the emotional and intellectual maturity to assess the validity of such claims for themselves.   But interestingly, it’s not just social conservatives who are now protesting.   Lesbians and some of the top members of Stonewall have also entered the fray – and they’re spitting feathers!  In a letter to the Sunday Times on 22nd September, twenty two disgruntled signatories – including Simon Fanshawe, co-founder of the LGBT campaigning group in 1989 – said that transgender policies are not just undermining women’s rights, but are putting both women and children at serious risk.   Specifically, they went on to express concern that primary school children were being challenged too quickly to ‘review’ their gender identity ( ).  They called for fact to be upheld over fiction.

Are we seeing the first manifestations of sanity?  Will the house, divided against itself, ultimately fall?

Too early to tell, but Auntie is impervious.  Living up to the maxim, ‘Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story’, the BBC relentlessly continues its campaign to indoctrinate the nation’s young.  And there will undoubtedly be casualties.  The last decade has already seen a more than 4,000% increase in referrals amongst children for gender reassignment treatment (   And only this year five clinicians very publicly resigned from the Tavistock Clinic – Britain’s only NHS clinic offering gender identity treatment to young people – over concerns children were being incorrectly diagnosed and pushed prematurely into treatment ( ).

All of this is disturbing but, even more worryingly, one of the leading academics in the field of gender identity – a pioneer in the theory that sex is wholly a social construct, and that ‘identity’ is all about power, has recently confessed that …. he made it all up.     Writing in Quillette magazine, Professor Christopher Dummitt, associate professor at Trent University, Canada, confessed that the gender identity theories on which he has built his career were based not on research, but on ideological belief put forward as fact.  He now bravely says that he was wrong (

But the damage has been done.  Because of his work, and the inane claims of similarly misguided career academics and trans-gender activists, our children are today being put at risk.  And the BBC is OUTrageously leading the field.

No surprise there, but how long will we allow media and education lobby groups to peddle their pernicious theories as fact…?  How much longer will we allow children to be exposed to such damaging ideological indoctrination?  It is wrong to treat the nation’s young as if they are no more than part of a ‘social experiment’.   Children are infinitely precious, and it is our duty to protect them.

On their safety and wellbeing lies the future good of society.

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