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Birmingham city council has applied to the court to have its injunction banning parental protests outside Anderton Park Primary School made permanent.  In other words, they want a permanent exclusion zone round Anderton where parents will be forbidden to gather – to protest, criticise staff or hand out leaflets (
).  We await the judgment.

Anderton is situated in a predominantly Muslim area and, unsurprisingly, has mainly Muslim pupils.  The protestors – in the main, parents – want the school to stop promoting and normalising LGBT behaviours and life-style choices to children as young as 3, and teaching them that gender is a matter of choice, not biology.  They say that such teaching is not just deeply confusing, but that it also goes against the basic tenets of their faith.

A not unreasonable position, one would have thought.  Why should 3 year olds be encouraged to question their gender, or think about any kind of sexual relations at all?  And why should parents stand quietly by, while their beliefs are traduced?  But the school and Birmingham city council clearly disagree, refusing even to consider that parents should have the right to have some sort of say in what their children are taught.

And in this, it seems, they are being backed to the hilt by the DfE, which has now issued guidance on what they call ‘parental engagement’.  Which only a while ago was labelled ‘consultation’  (

Take note of the word change, because it is crucial!

When the RSE Regulations were first issued, they stated clearly (a) that all schools must have in place a written policy for RSE, and (b) that schools must consult parents in developing and reviewing their policy ( ).  However, the DfE was clearly unprepared for the strength of parental outrage at this attempted indoctrination of young minds.  Following parental protests outside schools, it quickly became apparent that any idea of genuine consultation was a sham – something that has become abundantly clear in the growing number of statements being issued, saying that parents have the right to express their opinions (provided they don’t stage protests, of course), but do not have a right of veto.  It’s up to schools what they teach!

Now the position has been explicitly spelt out in the recently issued guidance referred to above – and, most telling of all, the mandatory consultation has been magically transformed into a more neutral sounding … parental engagement.

This is deliberate obfuscation, and even the most charitable would surely say it was a declaration of war, with parents being lined up in the DfE’s sights as the enemy.  The clear message is that schools and the State know best … children belong to the State!  And the extremist bigots who are their parents must put up and shut up!

But, sadly, the new Regulations are only the tip of this LGBT juggernaut, because now Stonewall has also issued advice – this time on how to make the whole curriculum LGBT compliant

Yes, seriously.  They are saying that everything a child learns has to be thematically shaped to promote acceptance of LGBT values and behaviours.  So, for instance, in English – study LGBT authors and themes (and presumably make them up if they’re not there).  Maths – give examples using LGBT people and different family structures; and with statistics, use LGBT percentages and fractions.  Geography – talk about experiences of LGBT people in Britain and round the world. Religious Education – explore the work of people campaigning for LGBT equalities in faith communities.  Even worse, as evidenced by a colourful cartoon produced for children aged around 5, teach them that whether you believe in Jesus, Vishnu or anyone else, God loves LGBT people and approves their ‘love’ (!

So not content with teaching children that all expressions of ‘love’ are the same, no matter how outlandish or risky, now the plan is to gayify the whole of the curriculum.   Very soon children won’t know there ever was any other way of viewing the world!

According to a survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2017, 2% of the population self-identified as LGB.  There was no percentage recorded for people self-identifying as trans, because the numbers were too low (
).  By contrast, in the 2011 census into religious belief in the UK, the ONS found that 59.3% of the population identified as Christian, 4.8% as Muslim, and 3.2% as belonging to other religious groups, including Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, and Buddhist (
). These are the latest official figures.

The point to be made is that anything other than heterosexual behaviour is classified as sin by all the world’s major religions – yet a mere 2% of the population are now campaigning to impose their aggressive views on the whole of society, in the process criminalising religious belief as hate speech and homophobia.

Let us be clear, everyone has an absolute right to choose the life they want to live.  Some life-style choices may be unwise, but that does not deny the basic right – nor does it mean that God ceases to love someone because of that choice.  But God does not, and never will, condone sin.  It was precisely to save us from sin that Christ died.  The conclusion is inescapable.  The State has become complicit in a totalitarian attempt to reconfigure morality and overturn belief.

How long will this madness go on?

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