The growing threat of gender oppression

Shock, horror!  Our educational system is failing!  Apparently, some misguided children have had the temerity to say they won’t use school loos because they only have access to gender-neutral facilities, which make them feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and disadvantaged. 

What bigotry, I hear you cry.  Send them for intensive re-education immediately!

But Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch has taken note.  To the rage of LGBTQ+ activists, doggedly fighting for ‘inclusivity’, Ms Badenoch has said that from now on all new public buildings, including new office buildings, schools, hospitals, and entertainment venues, must include separate facilities for men and women, so that single-sex spaces providing dignity, privacy, tolerance and respect for all are preserved (

This makes such obvious sense, it hard to see why anyone should object, but, perhaps predictably, trans activists have labelled the move transphobic ( ).  It’s not fair, they say to force someone already facing exclusion to have to use a single-sex loo, where they may encounter discrimination (  Likewise, for reasons that remain mysterious, they appear resistant to the provision of a third unisex lavatory, which they could use without danger of discrimination, while preserving intact single-sex spaces for men and women. 

This is not good enough.  Trans activists may claim the right to be identified according to their chosen gender, insisting they have changed sex …  but what about the school children forcibly deprived of their right to use facilities in line with their biological sex, who not unreasonably want a bit of privacy?   What about their feelings of discomfort and marginalisation?  As it is, in order to pander to what remains a tiny minority, the rights of those disparagingly labelled cisgender or heteronormative are being ruthlessly sacrificed on the altar of genderfluid inclusivity and compliance.

In the last decade, we have seen referrals for gender dysphoria amongst children leap from 138 in 2010-11 to a jaw-dropping 2,383 in 2020-21 (  And that ceiling, we are told, has been imposed only by the inability of clinicians to keep pace with the numbers now seeking treatment.  No one is denying that there aren’t some children who are genuinely dysphoric – and they must receive appropriate support and help – but without doubt this staggering rise in the number of children claiming to be ‘born in the wrong body’ has been fuelled by sex education in schools, which has remorselessly peddled the message to children as young as 4 that they can ‘choose’ their gender, inevitably leaving them confused. 

Beyond all argument, what we are seeing is a programme of ideological indoctrination, aimed at the overthrow of traditional values and complete reconfiguration of society.  However dressed up, it is an attempt to impose totalitarian control, on a par with the attempts of Chairman Mao to force 550 million people to accept his campaign of socialist ‘reform’.   Let us be clear – such enforced submission has no place in a civilised society. 

In a free society, people will choose the life-style and behaviours they want – with which others, for a variety of reasons, including religious belief, might well disagree.  But what those seeking to change the social landscape must not attempt to do, albeit cloaked in weasel words of tolerance and inclusivity, is to force their choices onto others.

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