The mad, the bad and the down-right dangerous

In these days of legislatively defined equality, history is being rewritten. In particular, a certain section of the population now appears to hold the view that Christianity lies behind all that is evil in the world, and that Christians are not just fair game, but must be rigorously suppressed. Easy meat, in fact.

Down the centuries, they suggest, Christianity has spawned more bloody conflict than anything else on the planet. And, if not waging outright war upon peace-loving and innocent peoples of other cultures and faith – decimating without cause whole regions of the Earth – then at the very least Christians have exploited and persecuted those whose resources they coveted, in the process mercilessly wiping out older, and nobler, faiths.

But the worst sin of all, it seems, is Christian morality, because our approach to sexuality and insistence on purity and faithfulness engender guilt, stopping the greater part of humanity from indulging their ‘natural’ desires.  And then, of course, they point to corrupt and licentious priests, adding to it all the charge of hypocrisy.

The logical inconsistencies of all this appear swept under the carpet, along with inconvenient facts of history and irrefutable evidence of the contribution to good made by Christianity – not least in the field of human rights, which derive solely from Christian respect for the individual, as made in the image of God and therefore worthy of honour. So too down the centuries Christians have stood out for the help given to those in need, providing for their health, education and security. In the name of Christ. No other religion or belief system in the world has acted with the same selfless compassion, with believers sacrificing their lives and wellbeing to help others, often in hostile areas of the globe where they themselves are in physical danger.

The current attempted demonization of Christianity needs, however, to be understood for what it is. This is not the triumph of rationality over superstition, as so frequently claimed by devotees of the new canon, but rather a competing belief system – a religion – which, just as much as Islam, wants complete domination, and will stop at nothing to achieve its aims.

Under the new dogma, tolerance of everything is to be extolled – except for Christianity.

This week sees an appeal in Belfast against the finding of sexual discrimination against Ashers Bakery, a Christian-run company which declined to bake a cake bearing the slogan ‘Support gay marriage’, on the ground that the sentiment was a violation of the Bible, which defines marriage as the exclusive union of one man and one woman for life.

But the law now says otherwise; which means apparently that we are no longer allowed to hold or live by personal belief.   What would the ruling have been had a gay baker refused to bake a cake stating, ‘Marriage – one man, one woman!’?

The truth is, we no longer live in a society where all are allowed freely to express their opinions or beliefs, provided they do not incite violence or cause harm. Like it or not, our nation – with its attitude of respect and tolerance for all – is founded on Christian principles and beliefs.   That is our heritage, but it is today being challenged by undeclared and intolertant secular totalitarianism. If not resisted, the only opinions allowed will be those sanctioned by the new political elite, and society as we know it will cease to exist.

Please sign our petition calling on government to uphold the UK’s Christian heritage, and protect freedom of speech and belief.




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