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Call to the nation!

This week Archbishop Justin Welby has revealed in the press that, ahead of  the debate in Synod on prayers of blessing for same sex couples, he was called into Parliament and told that unless he backed the proposals, the Church of England would face Parliamentary action to impose what was euphemistically called ‘equal marriage’ (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11743587/Justin-Welby-claimed-threatened-parliamentary-action.html).  In the event, of course, the vote was overwhelmingly in favour of allowing such blessings, so the threat didn’t materialise (https://www.itv.com/news/2023-02-09/church-of-england-synod-votes-in-favour-of-blessings-for-same-sex-couples), but it would nonetheless seem that the State – or, at least, MPs unspecified – now presume the right to change Christian doctrine in order to align belief with cultural practice.

As a nation, it is beyond question that in recent years we have increasingly become morally degenerate, promiscuous, and corrupt.  For centuries, the Church has been a beacon for truth, providing moral leadership in its divinely appointed call to lead and protect the flock.   Yet now the State, brazenly proposing to remove what it sees as opposition to its depraved rebranding of the country’s moral values, traduces that call.  Thereby, it is trespassing into the realm of God … and it should be afraid.

But this contagion is not limited to Parliament.  It has spread throughout every level of society.

We see evidence, for example, in a new and well researched book on the Tavistock Clinic by journalist Hannah Barnes (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/books/what-to-read/time-think-review- book-tells-full-story-tavistocks-trans-scandal/), who reveals that, in its determination to push pro-transgender policy, the Clinic wilfully ignored evidence that 97.5% of children referred to it for help were suffering from autism; related mental health problems, such as depression, self-harm, and eating disorders; or had been victims of sexual abuse – all of which should have provided strong counter-indications for the prescription of puberty blockers, but which were not taken into account.  With the inevitable result that countless numbers of young lives have now been left irreparably and unnecessarily scarred, physically, emotionally, and mentally (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/02/14/tavistock-clinic-ignored-link- autism-transgender-children/).

The truth is, ideology is maiming our nation, while we stand quietly by, mouthing brain-washed inanities about inclusivity and tolerance … and while we allow our children to be similarly indoctrinated by educational policies that not just prematurely and inappropriately sexualise them, but that expose them to tremendous harm.  And should parents dare stand up and express concern, calling for their children’s protection, then they are vilified and browbeaten into submission by a merciless State, that claims for itself an absolute right to determine what children are taught (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11710843/Boy-picked-staff-given-detention-parents-wanted-excused-pride-parade.html).

There is a clear battle going on between those who would wilfully destroy the Christian values on which our society is founded and which up to now have made us strong, and those who uphold the faith.   It is true the number of Christians may be declining, but we are still actually the majority in this country, and our values and belief should be respected (https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/culturalidentity/religion/bulletins /religionenglandandwales/census2021).

The battle, however, has entered another level when the ideologues trespass into the purview of God.  By what right do those with no faith presume to tell those who follow Christ what they are permitted to believe?    By what right does Sandi Toksvig, Patron of Humanists UK, dare to lecture the Church on the foundations of our belief, saying she will no longer ‘let’ the Church of England hurt LGBT people (https://humanists.uk/about/our-people/patrons/sandi-toksvig/;

Just as with the oppression of the Jewish people in Egypt, this is a direct challenge to God, which He will not allow.  The call to believers now is to rise up and make a stand, before it’s too late.  We cannot, and must not, keep silent.  For the sake of our faith – for which Christ died – and for the sake of those who cannot speak out for themselves and will most assuredly stumble and fall without guidance, we must refuse to be intimidated and speak up.  We must uphold our belief, as set down in the Bible.

We call to the nation – choose this day

who you will serve!

Let the people of God arise. 

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