To survive, the world MUST repent

From increasing evidence coming into the public domain – though still being vigorously suppressed – it would seem that the coronavirus Covid 19 may well be proved to have originated in a Wuhan research laboratory after all, and that it was weaponised.  Chinese virologist Dr Li Meng-Yan says that by studying person-to-person transmission she has established that the virus came not from a city wet market, as alleged, but from the military research lab outside Wuhan
(    Her claims appear to be backed by Professor Giuseppe Trutti, president of the World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies (WABT) and an internationally respected expert in bio- and nanotechnology.  In a recently published book entitled Cina COVID 19: La Chimera che ha cambiato il Mondo (China COVID 19: The chimera that changed the world), he states unequivocally that Covid 19 was genetically engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s P4 (high-containment) lab, in a program supervised by the Chinese military (

The truth has still to be established, but from the time the virus first emerged many have asked why and how the current situation, with its devastating impact across the globe, could have happened?  The theories put forward have been many and varied.  Poor hygiene in Wuhan’s Wet Market, was the earliest contender, closely followed by allegations of laxity on the part of the Chinese authorities in isolating and tracking what rapidly became apparent was a deadly disease.  Then, growing whispers of accidental escape of a virus under research, or of a biological weapon, accompanied by ever wilder conspiracy theories – had it been taken over to China and deliberately released by the US military, mused some?  This theory especially, and perhaps unsurprisingly, appears to have gained some traction in China.

Yet while debate continues, what has been truly remarkable is the absence of any suggestion by Church leaders that the root cause of humanity’s current predicament might be sin, and that God might have deliberately withdrawn His protection in response to mankind’s rejection and disobedience.  Over the last century, it is beyond dispute that humanity has given way to unrestrained selfishness and greed; that it has increasingly worshipped sexual licence and perversion; and that, in the name of human rights, it has committed mass genocide of the unborn.   In self-righteous hypocrisy, we have prioritised our ‘wants’ over anything and everything else, rebranding good as evil, and evil as good.   And in all of this the Church has been staggeringly compliant, seemingly rushing hell for leather to reinterpret and reapply the Bible so as to conform with the rebranded ‘values’   of this brave new world.  Redefining sin so as to avoid causing offence.

This is not the way of the Cross.  Jesus told his followers, ‘I have not come to bring peace (to the earth), but a sword’ (Mt10:34f).   And His final command to the disciples, before His ascension into heaven, was to go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey all His commands (Mt 28:18-20).

Has the Church lived up to this?  No, it hasn’t.  Rather it has become a lapdog of Government – a social work agency, dutifully reflecting and endorsing society’s ever-changing values.  Determinedly not rocking the boat!  Since lockdown was announced, for instance, the Church of England – along with other denominations – has issued a seemingly endless stream of statements calling for compliance with emergency regulations to keep the population safe.  It has set up food banks, and arranged webinars to help clergy provide much needed mental health support and financial assistance for those in need.
(   All valuable, of course, in these fraught times.  But what has been conspicuously lacking is any suggestion that as a society we have recklessly flouted God’s laws and that now, if we wish for His help, we need to repent.

Fact 1: We are a nation in rebellion.  By our words and actions, we celebrate sin, bullying into submission any who dare question society’s lemming–like dive over the cliff.

Fact 2: The world is caught in a spiritual battle that will allow no compromise.  Just as in Eden, Satan is once again challenging God for dominion – and over the last century he has grown horrifyingly strong through the worship men and women have given him by succumbing to the lies.

Fact 3:  We have rejected worship of God for worship of the profane.   

Yet, in spite of all of this God, remains in control.  And, amazingly, He still loves us and is working for our redemption – before humanity faces that judgment from which there can be no return, when Satan’s hold will be finally and forever broken, and he and his minions will be consigned to the lake of fire.  The truth is, God has given us chance after chance to return to Him and repent before this takes place; but we have not listened.  God’s will is still to save – but the hands of the Doomsday clock are seconds away from midnight and Armageddon looms.

This current global crisis is perhaps a last ditch attempt to reawaken us to life – that men and women might escape damnation.  What is happening now is not judgement in the sense of divine retribution – but it’s God’s call to the lost to wake up and realise what’s going on, before it’s all too late.  Economic collapse, climate change, famine, war, wholesale destruction and death … there’s still time.  If we repent the evil we have done, then, even now, God will help us.  The reality is that He could stop this descent into chaos in a heartbeat.  Whether man-made or not, God has the answer to Covid.  He can deliver us from chaos.

But while we persist in following and celebrating evil – He will not.

It is time to rebuild the Church

In this time of escalating crisis, the Church must recover its vision and voice.  It must speak out to reject sin and uphold righteousness – and it must make a stand against the wolves who have got in amongst the flock and seek to destroy.  It must once again proclaim the truth that Christ died for our sins, and that He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  In unflinching, courageous, and steadfast love, it must once again honour its call to seek after the lost, and bring them safely home.   And it must do this whatever the cost – because this is the way of salvation.

If we fail to heed the Lord’s call and are faithless, then unimaginable horror and suffering lies ahead.  It is our choice whether we allow this to happen – or whether we repent and choose life.

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