Tribute to Sir David Amess MP – may he rest in peace

The investigation into Sir David Amess death is now being led by Counter Terrorism Policing and, in a statement issued on Saturday, the Met police have confirmed that “The early investigation has revealed a potential motivation linked to Islamist extremism” (http://

The MP’s death in such tragic circumstances would always have provoked horror and heartfelt regret, and are thoughts and prayers are with Sir David’s family and friends at this sad time.  But – without prejudging the outcome of the police investigation ⎼ it takes on even deeper resonance if this was a politically motivated attack, underpinned by a focused desire to topple and destroy British society and values.  Because that is what such extremism is – an attack on our heritage and values, with the intention of destroying who we are and what we stand for.

Many tributes have been paid to Sir David over the last 24 hours, but what really stands out is that he was a man of deep Christian faith, who demonstrated in his life Christ’s command to love and treat others as we would be treated ourselves.  What is perhaps less known, or maybe publicly acknowledged, was his unfailing support for the protection of the unborn.  In circumstances such as this, it’s often said in tribute that the victim will be sorely missed – but in Sir David Amess’ case this is 100% true.  We have lost a committed and faithful ally, a man of faith, who gave his all – literally – to serve.

The question arises, however, how do we as a society now guard against the evil that has taken root within?  The evil that cloaks itself in lies and weasel words of seeming support, only waiting opportunity to strike?

VfJUK suggests that, as a society, we could do no better than to follow the example of Sir David himself.  That we recover as a nation our Christian identity and faith, seeking in all things to act with love, fairness, kindness, and strength towards all.

The counter-terrorism police now have to complete their investigation, and government will then have to decide what further measures to put in place to handle such threats, protecting both MPs and the public at large.  They would do well to remember that the real answer lies not in weak-minded equivalence towards values that at base are hostile to our culture, but in the recovered strength and pride of our heritage and Christian values.  The strength which respects and defends true freedom of belief and speech for all, but refuses to countenance any assault on our democracy and the equal rights of all.

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