War Footing

We are a nation at war.  Fighting an unseen but deadly foe.  Surely then it is time to call in help from an ally with superior force.

Of course, it is not to be expected that our ally will help without inducement, because for a long period now we have deliberately cut off all contact, belittling or refusing the approach of envoys – who our rulers have dismissed as antediluvian and overly restrictive in their demands.   Yet the truth remains, it is to our ally and overlord that we owe our foundation and prosperity and, were it not for Him, we would have succumbed to our aggressors long ago.  So we need His help now.  Unpalatable as it may seem, the fact is we cannot fight this current foe alone.  We simply do not have the resources or power.

Whether the virus is a naturally occurring mutation that has jumped species, or the more sinister result, as has been alleged, of biological weaponization, the fact remains that we cannot at present combat it, giving not just the prospect of millions of deaths, but raising the prospect of a fundamental change to life as we know it. Our ally, on the other hand, could deal with the attack easily, and at source.

Even more to the point, He not just stands ready, but wants to help.

I am talking, of course, of God.  Over the course of the last century, men and women have increasingly denied His existence; unthinkingly taken the lives of millions of unborn; exalted and normalized sexual licence and perversion; and demonized those who have held and upheld the truth of the Bible – named by Jesus, the sin against the Holy Spirit.  God alone can stop this virus in its tracks – but it first needs for us to repent as a people for our rejection of His truth and law.  And then it needs for us to ask for Him to intervene.

So let us repent of our disobedience, and our exultation of sexual immorality and sin.  Let us repent our selfish and unthinking slaughter of those to whom He has given life.  Let us repent our veneration and worship of the unholy god of Self.  And let us amend our ways and cry out for Him, in His mercy, to stop this virus in its tracks.

‘Holy Father, we confess that we have sinned against you and against your Holy law, in our thoughts, in our words and, most of all, in our deeds.  Forgive us, Lord, we pray, and wash us by your blood.  In your mercy, hold not our sins against us, but grant us time to amend and, by your Grace, restore us to righteousness.  Lord, we ask now that your Spirit will stand against this invading spirit of pestilence and death, and will deliver us.  May this virus be stopped in its tracks, and may those who are afflicted be delivered from its deathly touch.  We ask this in the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.’



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