We are at a crossroads

Last week, at their conference in Bournemouth, we saw the BMA vote in favour of decriminalising abortion, the practical effect of which would be to make termination legal for any reason up to birth. Immediately after, following a proposed Labour amendment to the Queen’s Speech criticizing the inequality of not allowing abortion in Northern Ireland (and to avoid defeat by a Labour and Conservative ‘coalition’ of MPs who oppose the DUP stance on abortion), the Government hastily put in place measures to pay for Northern Irish women wanting abortion to cross the Irish Sea and have the procedure for free on the NHS.

It would seem that we are rapidly approaching a time when only the self-obsessed will survive. Though, realistically, perhaps that won’t be for very long, because in their efforts to justify once forbidden behaviours – cloaked in the language of rights, tolerance and diversity – proponents of the new so-called morality seem hell-bent on destroying the foundations on which our society is built, along with the lives of a sizeable part of the generation to come. To put it bluntly, there won’t be enough children to ensure our survival, while a significant proportion of those that are born will be voluntarily ‘infertile’.

Since the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act, the UK has seen the slaughter of almost 9,000,000 babies – for no apparent cause other than that their conception at the time, for whatever reason, was unwanted. Worldwide, this is genocidal slaughter of the innocent on a scale never before seen in the history of the world. It is frighteningly reminiscent of the blood sacrifice offered to Moloch, the Canaanite god who demanded child sacrifice, and whose worship so fatally attracted the Jews, bringing upon them the wrath of God, the destruction of their nation, and their consequent exile from the land.

But why, unbelievers ask, should something so seemingly trivial as the odd sacrifice to a local deity provoke such an over the top response? The answer from the Bible is clear. In the Ten Commandments, and consistently from that point on, Yahweh expressly forbad the Jews to follow the religious practices of Egypt and Canaan. The reason was simple; such worship was demonic, feeding spirits hostile to God who wanted to challenge His rule and keep the human race in bondage to death. And any such worship, especially blood sacrifice, fed these spirits – by the exercise of choice intensifying their illegitimate control over followers, and fatally damaging any relationship they might aspire to with God.

At any time, worship of the demonic is dangerous, because it gives form to, and intensifies, evil. To put it another way, it gives evil a hold that it wouldn’t otherwise have. So now, the blood sacrifice of 9,000,000 babies on the altar of sexual freedom and women’s rights has fed a spirit of death that is voracious in appetite, and is increasingly asserting control over the nation.   Indeed, as a result of this modern day ‘worship’, the Moloch spirit has grown so powerful, and its hold over the nation so strong, that it is challenging the sovereignty of God.

This is spiritual hubris with a vengeance, but because men and women have increasingly rejected obedience to God – placing themselves outside His protection – its influence has become like a suffocating cloud: a spiritual smog blotting out the light. All have been affected, tainted by the contagion of evil spread through rebranded and Godless morality – even ‘believers’ have fallen under its sway and are blinded, so that they now assert abortion is okay, and that any form of relationship is good, provided only there is ‘love’.  Whatever next? Will we sanction marriage to a sibling, or to the family dog, or a gerbil? The suggestions might appear bizarre, but nothing, it appears, is off the table, because increasingly we are seeing good branded as evil, and evil as good.

This is madness. Whatever the followers of this new religion would have us believe, God has not changed and, as sure as night follows day, judgment follows sin. So now, perhaps more than at any other time in our history, the UK is at a crossroads. More than that, humanity is at a crossroads, and the fate of the human race hangs in balance.

The reality is that there’s a massive spiritual battle now raging ‘in’ and ‘over’ the nation, and this spirit of death, fed with the blood of the unborn and bolstered by lesser spirits of chaos and confusion, is seeking exterminate anything and everything challenging its rule. The recent apparent success of Islamic terror attacks, combined with the ever-increasing disarray of government and society, is testimony to its success so far, and there is every possibility things will get worse. We could even see armed conflict on our streets.

There is however good news – and it’s very good news – because, whatever crisis we face, the Lord remains in absolute control. He could easily dispatch this dark spirit and its cohorts and save us – but He will only do so if we turn back to Him and repent.  The truth is, we cannot worship both God and the devil, so we have to choose.  The nation has to choose. And only if we make the right choice and repent will we have any hope of banishing this dark spirit from our land.





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