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News has broken this Easter-time of horrific reports of child-on-child sexual abuse and harassment across the nation’s schools (https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/schools-cover-up-sexual-abuse-by-pupils-htqjjx05s).  There have apparently been thousands of anonymous testimonies of serious sexual abuse and rape in schools from students and alumni.     Soma Sara, who founded the website Everyone’s Invited, to provide a platform for her friends where they could share stories of abuse, said they’ve so far had over 11,500 testimonies.   They are reportedly astounded, but doubtless the number will be considerably higher by the end of the weekend, and the Government is clearly rattled.  Apparently, the education inspectorate is to conduct an immediate inquiry, while the NSPCC is setting up a national helpline to support victims, and Ofsted is to review , as a matter of urgency, school safeguarding procedures.
Highly commendable.  But why are they so surprised?  
VfJUK has continually warned Government that teaching children the mechanics of sex without any kind of moral frame, reinforced by the message that it’s fine to have sex as soon as they feel ready, was a recipe for disaster.   Our book, What Are They Teaching The Children?, a copy of which was sent to all MPS and members of the House of Lords when it was published in 2017, clearly delineated the problem and recommended measures that would prioritise child safety and welfare over the promotion of damaging ideology that could only sexualise children while exposing them to harm.    We even drew attention to the alarming rise in child-on-child sex abuse incidents within schools being reported by the police, some involving children as young as 5!  But they didn’t listen.  
So now we are reaping the whirlwind, and it is surely time for Government ministers, the Education Select Committee, the Department for Education, Ofsted, and schools, to wake up and face reality.
Robert Halfon, Chairman of the Commons Education Committee has reportedly said, ‘… We need to ask deeper questions about why some boys have attitudes that mean they don’t treat female students with dignity and respect”  
With respect, VfJUK can tell him.  ‘Boys’ are not treating female students with dignity and respect because from early childhood all children are bombarded with the message that sex is a human right, to be exercised as frequently, and in as many different ways, as they can imagine – it’s their human right, and if they don’t indulge their appetites, they’re a bit weird!  The same message is reinforced by television, film and social media.  At the same time, online pornography, to which all children appear to have access from around age 5, tells them women like it rough and hard!  And when a girl says no, that’s not what she means at all – while even if she does, that doesn’t matter.  It’s all part of the game.  And boys and girls alike are taught that anything goes; oral sex, anal sex, group sex, same sex… what’s the difference?    Try it and see!  If it doesn’t work for you, fine – but don’t judge anyone else.
This is madness.  When schools create such a climate, how can children and young people be expected to act with restraint or develop ‘values’.    Schools these days are teaching immorality, and that is why we are seeing this appalling spiral of abuse.   
And the answer is not yet more sex education, as has been suggested.  There’s been too much of that already.  It’s not even empowering girls and teaching boys the realities of consent.  The answer is simply to teach children real values, and that they are each and every one of them precious.  It’s to teach them that sex is a gift and that, used properly, it binds a man and woman together for life, in lifelong, monogamous union.  It’s teaching them those things that will keep them safe in this perilous world, promoting happiness and helping them fulfil their potential.  
Children need to be taught the value of relationship, truth, honour … and not 103 best positions for imaginative sex.  As a society we are charged with protecting and educating our young, so that they grow into well-rounded and happy individuals who can take their place in society and contribute to the general good.  
When, as a society, we normalise and promote sexual licence and promiscuity – when we teach our children to be corrupt – ours is the fault when they put into practice what they have been taught.   

Both boys and girls are the victims here, and we are the abusers.  The nation’s young have been sacrificed on the altar of ‘adult’ sexual indulgence and appetite.
Shame on the so-called educators who have promoted ‘liberal’ ideology over safety.  Theirs is the blame for the situation that has arisen in schools.  They have maimed the lives of children, denying them their right to childhood and innocence.  It is time to cleanse this Augean stable of the filth, and teach children those things that really will keep them safe.  

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