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“The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news.”   So Jesus proclaimed at the beginning of his ministry (Mark 1:15), and of course He was absolutely right. In His coming the kingdom of God was very near, in a way entirely without precedent, because by His incarnation He went head-to-head with the devil, making our salvation possible by the victory He won on the Cross. So through Christ we now live in direct relationship with God – we live in ‘the kingdom’ – and it is the work of the Spirit to teach and lead us into truth. To put it another way – to fit us for heaven.

Christ’s call to repentance – though perhaps for different reasons – is even more imperative today.

Whatever your view of Endtime prophecies and belief, without doubt evil is growing in the world and the time remaining before God’s judgment falls is correspondingly short.  From world events it seems clear that Satan – through evil ideologies that deny the Lordship of Christ, and moral confusion – is attempting to assert global control, but a final battle was always foretold in Scripture, and the outcome is in no doubt. The armies of God, as foretold by Jesus, will cast the devil and his minions into the lake of fire, where they will be destroyed.    So in these days of declining standards and moral ambivalence, of cultural confusion and growing violence, it is urgent that men and women are once again called to repentance. The full facts must be laid before them so that they can make an informed choice and, if possible, be saved from what will otherwise be certain destruction.

Which means that those of us who ‘know’ bear a duty to stand up for our faith, and for truth.   Though we may choose to bury our head in the shifting sands of rebranded morality, claiming that love trumps all, the reality is that there is no fence on which we can safely sit. The spiritual realities are such that you are either for God, as revealed in the Bible: or against Him. It is ultimately as simple and as stark as that. We inhabit these bodies for only a short while, but the decisions we make now will determine our eternal destiny. True love for others means that we will try to save not just ourselves, but them too.


Buy our latest book, available late October! What are they teaching the children? VfJUK, in conjunction with Wilberforce Publications, will shortly be publishing a book examining the ideological attack on education.   Starting from an analysis of the purpose and function of education, it sets out the Christian basis and approach to learning, clearly showing the Christian foundations to the evolution of education in the UK, and the ideological attack launched against it by Secular Humanism, LGBT activism, and the growing Islamisation of our culture. Contributors include, amongst others, Baroness Caroline Cox; former lawyer, writer and filmmaker Philip Quenby; and Revd Lynda Rose, CEO of VfJUK.   It will be available for order on our website, or on Amazon.


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