You are loved

People sometimes say that one of the reasons they reject Christianity is because of its ‘unreasonable’ moral demands, and the harsh judgmentalism implicit in its ‘unrealistic’ moral teaching, which ignores the way we’re really made.  A God who endorses and commands such judgmental views, they say, is cruel.  A vicious despot, unworthy of both worship and respect, who wants only to keep us under his thumb and make us miserable!
Really?  With an ideological drive hell-bent on denying science and biology in its attempts to impose a Weltanschauung plucked straight from Dante’s depiction of hell – and which threatens the continued existence of mankind – how can we possibly describe a model for life that seeks to protect our comfort, security, health and wellbeing as wrong, or even cruel?
The truth is, we are in a spiritual and ideological war, and God is not the tyrannical enemy of joy, intent on keeping humanity in miserable subjection.  But He sees the bigger picture.   He sees, just as He always has, where our mindless indulgence of self will lead.  Which, in a nutshell, is to chaos, unhappiness, lack of meaning, and violence in this life; and hell in the next.
Sexual licence, and the routine killing of the unborn for no better reason than that they are at the time unwanted, are not signs that humanity has grown up, but rather markers for just how far we have come under bondage to that which seeks our destruction.  This is a battle between heaven and hell, good and evil, and God is 100% committed to the fight to set us free – which is why He sent His only begotten Son into the world, to go head-to-head with Satan and break the stranglehold of death.  
The truth is – God loves sinners, but He hates sin, and He wants us to come to Him so that He can heal us and set us free, so that we become fully what He has made us to be. 
Which is … spiritual beings, housed for this life in a body of flesh, but designed to live eternally in direct relationship with Himself.  It is this birthright that became so fatally damaged by Adam and Eve’s submission to evil in the Garden of Eden.  But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way.   We don’t have to stay imprisoned in darkness, dragging out a miserable existence in the slime.   Rather, we can live in the light, as children of God.
Christ came to save and set us free and, when we accept His offer of repentance, He clothes us in His own righteousness, to present us blameless before the Father.  The Earth is in a between-time at the moment, with final judgment on evil still to come.  If it appears to delay, it is only to allow every last opportunity for men and women to hear the good news and repent, and so be saved from that final sentence when the devil and all his hordes – all who have given him allegiance – will be cast into the lake of fire and destroyed.
This is the fight, and this is why it’s so important we reject the mindless and cruel worship of self that has become a hallmark of the 21st century.  To all who repent and reject evil, God holds out healing and restoration, and infinitely more than we can ever conceive or imagine. 
This is the way of love.  And you … you are loved.

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