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Here you will find out about who Voice for Justice UK are, and what we stand for. Click on the links to learn more about the various areas of Voice for Justice.

Increasingly, we are seeing ancient freedoms eroded, individuals abused, and the right to speak curtailed. Voice for Justice UK has been formed to defend the voiceless and speak out truth – to uphold justice.

Standing on the original Articles of the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights, our call is to fight for the disadvantaged and marginalised, and to defend all who face exploitation and/or oppression from the imposition of an increasingly totalitarian worldview.

We stand on the rights to freedom of speech, and to practise freely and without restraint the Christian faith, as enshrined in the Bible. We uphold the moral values of the Bible. But our call is to defend the sanctity and best development of every man, woman and child, whatever their belief or value system, from the moment of conception through to natural death. We defend the rights of children to live in a traditional family with a father and a mother, protected from exploitation and abuse.

Freedom from abuse

For some years, Sex Trafficking in the UK has been a major problem, the full extent of which is only now coming to light. Voice for Justice UK is campaigning for the full exposure and eradication of this problem, and provision for help and support for victims.

Let children be children

Defending the rights of children against abuse in sex education, the media, and online.

Defending the right to life and respect for all

Voice for Justice UK believes that all of life is the gift of God and, as such, is to be both honoured and cherished from the moment of conception. We believe that every person on earth has a God given destiny that it is wrong to interrupt prematurely. For the wellbeing of both the individual and society, Voice for Justice UK upholds the right to live.

Defending 'real' marriage

While recognising that we live in a fallen world, faced with the reality of what seems an ever increasing number of broken relationships, Voice for Justice UK upholds the lifelong and exclusive union between one man and one woman. Click here to order our book on Same-Sex Marriage.

Defending the faith

Voice for Justice UK stands on Scripture and the truths of the Bible. We seek to uphold and defend the rights of all Christians, freely and without coercion, to speak out and practise our faith.


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