Tribute to the lost unborn


Tribute to the Lost Unborn

Have you lost a child through miscarriage, or an abortion? No matter how long ago it was, does it still cause pain, so that you grieve for your lost child? Do you know if it was a boy or a girl? In your heart of hearts have you, privately or otherwise, given that child a name? And do you find it difficult to talk to others – because it’s not something that you or they are comfortable with, or they think it was all so long ago now, you really ought to have got over it?

VfJUK invites you to leave a message for your unborn child, as a tribute and an expression of love, and to let your child know you have not forgotten. You can leave your name if you want, or you can do it anonymously. You can name your child or not, as you wish. You can leave a message in private, or in public – or say nothing at all. It’s up to you.

This site is for you and for your lost unborn child. It’s for memory, for blessing, and for healing – for both of you.

We invite to sign as well all who wish to remember and honour the 1.5 billion and more unborn lives lost since WW2, and to express their solidarity with those who grieve.

    Name Child’s Name Comment
    Jacky Mattam Anonymous lost trough ectopic pregnancy, before I knew I was pregnant. never forgotten.
    Dr Christopher Shell Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous You never had to brave this world, but it is the world’s loss for not having you in it.
    Anonymous Rachel and Stephen I thank God that they are with him and I pray peace and comfort for all who have lost children in any way.
    Ben Robin Next month you would have been 39 years old. Our mother was manipulated into the abortion, lied to that you were not human at 16 weeks. I will continue to be an anti abortion activist for the rest of my life until I meet with you in heaven. I do not cry but do think of you every now and then but not nearly as much as our mother, the pain is still deep 39 years later, she never forgets. God bless dear brother.
    Christine Chyanne My granddaughter who was stillborn but is now with Jesus
    Ann Ann Sorry.
    Anonymous Anonymous Sorry. I felt I had no choice.
    Molly Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous I lost my first, much wanted, baby at 3 months. I have been passionately prolife ever since.
    Anonymous Anonymous I want to say how much I love and miss you, my darling son B and my beautiful daughter R. without you both is emptier than it would be if you were here. I am so sorry I aborted you both. It was an evil thing to do but I was young, selfish and ignorant. May the Lord keep you both until we meet again.
    Lisa Severine Nolland Anonymous God bless this important venture and bring great good from it!
    Anonymous Anonymous I am grieved for the loss of 1.5 billion babies world wide, for the loss of the grandchild I never knew and for the temptation and sin of human hearts that tempts and pressures people to do this.
    Joan John John was a spontaneous miscarriage at 5 months. I remember thinking, “How can people do this deliberately?” “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”
    Anonymous Anonymous I have 4 beautiful daughters and you are still a partof our family even though we never met. We will all meet you when Jesus brings us together again. Love from Mum and Dad and your sisters.
    Jess Unknown To my niece or nephew – you are worth the fight. I think of you and my heart yearns for justice. How I wish your mummy knew the truth. But now, we stand to see the truth prevail, that you are just as real – a real human being!
    Georgina Mercier Billie Michael Small Mercier To our darling baby. The moment I saw yours and your twin sisters heart beat away inside my womb was the most precious day I will always remember always know you are in my heart and thoughts always. I love you honey xxxx
    Georgina Mercier Omari George Lenoard Small Mercier o my beautiful baby even though you have been gone for over 21 years now I always think of you. I am sorry it took me so long to name you but here is your name omari George lenoard. George after my grandad. I love you omari you will always be with me xxx
    Anonymous Unknown For all the little children that the UK has lost, may our Father forgive us, even as he loves them. We stand in the gap with their broken parents….until He comes again to restore all things.


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