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The Baroness Cox of Queensbury

The Baroness Cox of Queensbury Baroness Cox was created a Life Peer in 1982 and was a deputy speaker of the House of Lords from 1985 to 2005. She was Founder Chancellor of Bournemouth University, 1991- 2001; Founder Chancellor of Liverpool Hope University 2006-2013 and is an Honorary Vice President of the Royal College of Nursing. She is heavily involved with international humanitarian work. She is Chief Executive of HART `{`Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust`}`. She was also a founder Trustee of MERLIN `{`Medical Emergency Relief International`}`. Lady Cox has been honoured with the Commander Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland; the Wilberforce Award; the International Mother Teresa Award from the All India Christian Council; the Mkhitar Gosh Medal conferred by the President of the Republic of Armenia; and the anniversary medal presented by Lech Walesa, the former President of Poland. She has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Honorary Doctorates by universities in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, and Armenia. Author of numerous books, Baroness Cox’s humanitarian aid work takes her on many missions to conflict and post-conflict zones, including the Armenian enclave of Nagorno Karabakh; Sudan; South Sudan; Nigeria; Uganda; the Karen, Karenni, Shan, Chin and Kachin peoples in the jungles of Burma; and communities suffering from conflict in Indonesia, where she helped to establish the International Islamic Christian Organisation for Reconciliation and Reconstruction (IICORR) with the late former President Abdurrhaman Wahid. She has visited North Korea helping to promote Parliamentary initiatives and medical programmes. She has also been instrumental in helping to change the former Soviet Union’s policies for orphaned and abandoned children from institutional to foster family care.

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali was the 106th Bishop of Rochester, for 15 years, until 1 September 2009. He is originally from Asia and in 1994 became the first non-white Diocesan Bishop in the Church of England. Before that he was the General Secretary of CMS from 1989-1994 and before that Bishop of Raiwind in Pakistan. He holds both British and Pakistani citizenship and from 1999 was a member of the House of Lords where he was active in a number of areas of national and international concern. He has both a Christian and a Muslim family background. He is now President of the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue (OXTRAD). Michael has been a visiting lecturer in a number of universities and colleges in the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia. He has travelled widely in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. He is the author of eleven books and of numerous articles on Faith and Public Life, Freedom of Belief, Bioethics, Mission, Ecumenism, the Anglican Communion, and relations with people of other faiths (particularly Islam). In 2005, he was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship by Rotary International. Michael is married to VALERIE, and they have two sons, SHAMMY (Shamaoun), and ROSS.

Canon Nigel Walker

After leaving school Nigel went and worked in the City for six years but the time was interrupted by National Service (NS) in the RN. The call to the pastorate came during NS while engaged in some pastoral work with one particular person as well as helping to lead the CU at Yeovilton in Somerset. Training for the ministry began in 1963. Nigel saw it as a comprehensive opportunity not only for study but also to travel, which he did, gaining experience in North America and East Africa. On leaving college (1966) hr went back to Uganda to run a leprosy hospital for a year as CMS needed a manager there. This delayed Ordination by a year but it worked out well. Following Ordination in 1967 he went to serve a curacy in St Jude Southsea before going out to Durban (married during that time) in South Africa. They then came back to Abingdon, Oxon, Wirral (Merseyside) and finally serving as the Anglican Chaplain in Brussels and Chaplain to the British Ambassador there. This was a very wide ranging ministry involved as he was with the English speaking embassies, the European Union in some measure as well as being Chancellor and Senior Chaplain at the Pro Cathedral itself. Nigel retired in 2005 but, like most clergy,’retyred’ and continues ministry right up to the present! He is married to Mary and they have three grown up children and six (nearly seven!) grandchildren.

Rev. Dr Clifford Hill

Rev. Dr Clifford Hill MA, BD, PhD, sociologist and theologian, is a lecturer, preacher and broadcaster who has written over forty books. He was a senior lecturer in sociology at London University and lectured for the Home Office to senior police officers and prison governors on race and community issues. In 1983 he led the research team for the Parliamentary Enquiry into ‘video nasties’, subsequently chairing and overseeing reports from the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group and was their convenor for more than 25 years. He is an ordained minister in the Congregational Church, leading multi-ethnic congregations in London over many years, and continues to be editor-in-chief of Prophecy Today UK, the online successor to the magazine of that name which seeks to apply God’s word in the bible to current affairs, and is a joint director of Issachar Ministries with his wife, Monica.

Monica Hill

Monica Hill has been actively involved in education and community development. Following practical experience in the East End she was a founding member and first Director of the British Church Growth Association for more than 23 years. She then concentrated on working with her husband Clifford both in the parliamentary work and in the Centre for Contemporary Ministry and is now the Executive Director of Issachar Ministries. She also has written a number of books.


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