Calling all Christians – your country needs you

DATE : June 17, 2024 AUTHOR :

The UK is in a mess.  Our much-vaunted NHS is hopelessly fractured and no longer fit for purpose; our economy is a shambles, with an ever-present threat of  financial collapse; the family, once the bedrock of our society, is in what looks to be terminal decline, leading to what’s been called an epidemic of ‘loneliness’, and soaring rates […]


VfJUK’s major new survey finds Christianity under attack in the UK

DATE : June 13, 2024 AUTHOR :

Following the publication of a report by the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians (OIDAC), which found that the UK is now ranked as one of the top five countries for anti-Christian hate crime in Europe, VfJUK commissioned a survey to discover whether or not this was true. From the 1,562 responses received, we discovered that […]


Don’t let their deaths have been in vain

DATE : June 10, 2024 AUTHOR :

On 6th June 1944, Allied forces stormed the Normandy beaches in a brave push to liberate France and push the Nazis out of Western Europe.  Under heavy fire from the German occupying forces, 4,145 British, US, and Canadian troops died that day, with around a further 10,000 wounded.  Allied leaders had always known the casualties were likely […]


No Decriminalisation Rally

DATE : June 4, 2024 AUTHOR :

In May 2024, British Pro-Life organisations decided to hold a rally. The rally was in response to amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill that would see abortion decriminalised up to birth in England and Wales. If made law, these amendments, proposed by MPs Diane Johnson and Stella Creasey would give the UK the most liberal […]


Cometh the hour – we need a Churchill

DATE : May 31, 2024 AUTHOR :

The UK has fallen prey to chaos.  Consider – a hopelessly fractured and no longer fit for purpose NHS; economic shambles and the ever-looming threat of financial collapse; the disintegration of the family and accompanying epidemic of mental illness; a country increasingly having to give way to immigrants; an unprecedented climate of antisemitism and racial intimidation; […]


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