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Demonetise the BBC – Take Action to Put an End to the Spread of Moral Contagion. Please Sign Our New Petition

DATE : January 9, 2024 AUTHOR :

The Rt Hon Lucy Frazer KC MP – Secretary of State for Culture – 01/09/2024 The BBC is an ideologically dominated Corporation that has wantonly and calculatedly violated its own so-called ‘rules of impartiality’ in order to bring about cultural and social change. Through its woke agenda and demonstrable bias, it is undermining the fabric […]


The Chilling War for Free Speech at Yet Another British University

DATE : October 13, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 13 October 2021 Kathleen Stock, professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex, believes that changing sex is a biological impossibility. Holding to this view has resulted in hostile calls from students for her resignation. Lynda Rose looks under the surface of this culture war and offers some deep spiritual explanations […]


The Truth About Abortion and What Pro-Choicers Don’t Want Women to Hear

DATE : September 29, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose  29 September 2021   With the publication of a book by Lucy Burns on her own abortion journey of grief, pain and shame, uncomfortable questions are raised, which Lynda Rose explains, are not faced squarely by ‘pro-choicers’. Read here.  


DATE : September 25, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose  25 September 2021   Lynda Rose comments on the dark spiritual implications for society of a Channel 4 documentary that follows couples who film themselves performing sexual acts, either together or alone, and then livestream it and charging the public to view it. Read here.  


Richard Lucas, Leader of the Scottish Family Party in Discussion with Revd Lynda Rose and Michael Willis

DATE : September 21, 2021 AUTHOR :

Streamed live on Sep 21, 2021 Scottish Family Party Lynda Rose enters into a discussion with Michael Willis, chairman of the Scottish Family Party, and Richard Lucas, its leader. They talk about the most important matters facing the family in contemporary society. Watch here.  


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