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The BBC is an ideologically dominated Corporation that has wantonly and calculatedly violated its own so-called ‘rules of impartiality’ in order to bring about cultural and social change. Through its woke agenda and demonstrable bias, it is undermining the fabric of British society and is no longer fit for purpose.

Without exception, its drama programmes endorse and promote lesbian, gay and transgender behaviours and life-style choices, as clearly instanced in the much-loved and long running children’s series, Dr Who. The most recent series, aired this Christmas, implies that the Doctor is gay, while also featuring a transgender character, and including a discussion on whether an alien life form should be referred to by gendered pronouns (… ). This deliberate emphasis on non-heteronormative behaviour, glamourising LGBT+ life-style choice, can only be to normalise and promote such practices to children. This is indoctrination.

The BBC’s news reporting is similarly biased. Following the October 7 attack on Israel, for example, the BBC’s news coverage has consistently demonstrated a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel bias, portraying Hamas as victimised freedom fighters and Israel as evil aggressors. Their coverage, entirely ignoring Hamas’ unremittingly violent and unprovoked hostility towards Israel, provides fuel for the unprecedented rise in anti-Semitism now visible on our streets.

Similarly, the BBC seems to be attempting to rewrite British history by its unremitting emphasis on, and condemnation of, Britain’s historic links to the transatlantic slave trade. In this, they entirely ignore the fact there have been no slaves in Britain since the Norman conquest, and that, following the abolition of slavery in 1807, it was Britain that was primarily responsible for ending the practice worldwide (

In sum, the BBC is an ideological organization deliberately and consciously promoting values inimical to our society and culture. It is designedly weakening our nation and is not fit for purpose. We call for the immediate withdrawal of all funding of the BBC, and for the licence fee to be scrapped.

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