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Sex Education – Know your facts article

DATE : February 24, 2023 AUTHOR :

As seen on: Christian Today, Staff Writer
Published on 24 February 2020

Concerns about the dangers posed by age-inappropriate sex education were voiced at a London conference by Lynda Rose and other leaders.

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Twitter Suspension Article

DATE : September 26, 2020 AUTHOR :

As seen on: Christian Today, Staff Writer
Published on 26 September 2020

Without warning, Twitter suspended the accounts of Voice for Justice UK (VfJUK) and three other organisations. The account of VfJUK has since been reinstated, though without an apology or explanation. The three other accounts that are yet to be reinstated and belong to organisations who stand for traditional views on marriage, sexuality and gender. These are Parent Power, RSE Authentic and 40 Days UK.

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Self Identification Article

DATE : June 15, 2020 AUTHOR :

As seen on: Christian Today, Staff Writer
Published on 15 June 2020

Following reports of a Government U-turn on the introduction of gender self-identification laws, it is reported that Lynda Rose welcomes this move because it protects women and also those who might otherwise not be given medical oversight. The news is also welcomed by Susan Mason, founder of the School Gate Campaign

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Anti-LGBT+ Priest Talks to MPs Article

DATE : March 11, 2020 AUTHOR :

As seen on: Pink News, Lily Wakefield
Published on 11 February 2020

Pink News reports on a recent parliamentary breifing at which Lynda Rose and others voiced concerns about the age-inappropriate sexual materials that pose medical harms to young children. Another speaker, Stephanie Davies-Arai, founder of Transgender Trend, is reported as saying: “Are girls expected to accept the presence of men who are sexually aroused by wearing women’s clothing in their toilets and changing-rooms? Mixed-sex facilities deny all children their right to privacy, comfort and dignity.”

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Clear Concerns about Sex Education Article

DATE : February 27, 2020 AUTHOR :

As seen on: Irish News
Published on 27 February 2020

Ahead of a parliamentary group’s briefing in which concerns will be raised about serious child protection and safeguarding issues arising from relationships and sex education (RSE), SDLP leader Colum Eastwood MP is reported to be calling on the group’s chairman, Jeffery Donaldson MP, to make clear his objections to RSE teaching. In its invitation to the briefing for parliamentarians, the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, jointly convened by Lynda Rose, says: “We wish to alert parliamentarians to the dangers involved and the potential increase in emotional, psychological and physical harms that are already arising due to the way RSE is being handled in some schools.”

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