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In Allowing Gender Dysphoric Children to ‘Decide’ Treatment for Themsleves, is Society Abdicating its Duty of Care?

DATE : September 21, 2021 AUTHOR :

  Christian Today Lynda Rose 21 September 2021 Following the landmark appeal in the Keira Bell case, Lynda Rose examines the serious implications of gender dysphoric children under 16 being deemed mature enough to give informed consent and receive puberty blockers. Read here.  

As Child-on-Child Sex Abuse Soars, Evil is Destroying our Children

DATE : September 10, 2021 AUTHOR :

  Christian Today Lynda Rose 10 September 2021   With child-on-child sex abuse on the rise, what exactly is behind this shocking trajectory? Read here.    

When it’s no Longer Alright to Defend Life

DATE : September 2, 2021 AUTHOR :

2 September 2021   Christian Today Lynda Rose The University of Nottingham has blocked the appointment of a Catholic priest who had expressed the view on social media that abortion was the slaughter of babies. Questions are asked about how our society views the defence of the unborn. Read here.    

Government Departments, Educational Establishments and Even, God Help Us, the Church, Need to Sever All Links with Stonewall

DATE : August 28, 2021 AUTHOR :

28 August 2021   As seen at: Christian Today, Lynda Rose   As public bodies begin to sever their links with Stonewall, and alongside growing criticisms about its intolerance voiced by feminists and others, Lynda Rose probes into the ideology of this group that is not happy with mere tolerance but wants to force its [...]

The Scandalous Misuse of Funds on Stonewall

DATE : August 13, 2021 AUTHOR :

13 August 2021   As seen at: Christian Today, Lynda Rose   Stonewall, a charitable organisation with clear political aims that is in receipt of large public funds does not, Lynda Rose argues, merely want to promote tolerance and anti-bullying campaigns. Rather, the group seeks to change the country’s moral perspective and behaviour through social […]


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