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When it Comes to Abortion, America Chooses Profits Over Safety

DATE : December 23, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 23 December 2021   Restrictions on abortion drugs by post have now been lifted in the US, a move that is being lobbied for in the UK. This DIY practice, officially known as telemedicine, operates without the need of an in-person consultation with a doctor or certified abortion provider, having been […]


Lessons from the Plague of Justinian

DATE : December 14, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 14 December 2021   With little end in sight of the pandemic, are there lessons to be learned for us today from the plague of Justinian? Read here.        


Canada’s Conversion Therapy Ban is a Victory for Gay Rights Campaigners

DATE : December 5, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 5 December 2021   Following the news that Canadian legislators have banned so-called “conversion therapy”, Lynda Rose uncovers the ideology of sexual licence and totalitarianism that sits beneath this move. Read here.           


How Will You Celebrate Christmas?

DATE : December 2, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 2 December 2021   With news that a new variant, Omicron, is now circulating, and with weeks before Christmas, questions are asked about what we need to prioritise. Read here.        


The Problem with the BRIT Awards’ Decision to Scrap Gender-Specific Categories

DATE : November 29, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 29 November 2021   Following the decision of the Brit Awards Panel to scrap gender-specific categories, Lynda Rose examines the wider adverse effects on society when the distinct categories of male and female are denied. Read here.    


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