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To the Archbishops of Canterbury and York … define love

DATE : May 18, 2023 AUTHOR :

If, when faced with Jesus, Pontius Pilate famously posed the question, ‘What is truth?’, we can perhaps justifiably ask today, ‘What is love?’.   Is it the unquestioning affirmation of life-style choices that have led to social fragmentation and a breakdown of order?  That have left literally millions of lonely individuals incapable of forming committed and lasting relationships, […]


AI, new religion, and a new King

DATE : May 11, 2023 AUTHOR :

‘AI could create religion in the future’.  So warns Israeli scholar Yuval Noah Harari. Through manipulation of language and story-telling, he says, AI (artificial intelligence) could cocoon humanity in a Matrix-like world of illusions (  He is no doubt right, except for one vital point, which appears to have escaped this bestselling historian and philosopher – Christian […]


Be afraid – The advancing juggernaut of oppression

DATE : May 2, 2023 AUTHOR :

If evidence were needed of growing ideological dictatorship, this is surely it.  In 2018, the 4 year old son of Izzy Montague was compelled by Heavers Farm Primary School to take part in what was labelled a fun ‘Pride Parade’.  This fell within Gay Pride Month and was aimed, the school said, at promoting inclusivity, teaching children […]


The triumph of ideology over reason

DATE : April 15, 2023 AUTHOR :

A new report by the highly respected and influential think tank Policy Exchange has found that 40% of state secondary schools allow children to self-declare their gender without parental consent or knowledge.  The report, based on more than 300 freedom of information requests made to a randomly selected group of schools, found that four in ten […]


Relationships, sex … and unhealthy education

DATE : March 17, 2023 AUTHOR :

Last week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a review of sex education in schools, after receiving a letter signed by 50 MPs protesting at the indoctrination of children into radical and biologically unevidenced ideologies about sex and gender.  Led by Miriam Cates MP, they accused schools of providing RSE teaching that was “age inappropriate, extreme, sexualising and […]


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