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How should we read the apparent decline in Christianity?

DATE : December 5, 2022 AUTHOR :

The 2021 census has for the first time recorded a drop in people identifying as Christian in England and Wales – down from 59.3% in 2011, to 46.2% last year. A further 37.2% were recorded as saying they had no religion, while people identifying as Muslim rose from 4.9% in 2011 to 6.5%. It is […]


No-platformed in Parliament

DATE : November 28, 2022 AUTHOR :

A while ago, I was invited to speak at a conference in Parliament this coming Tuesday (27th November) on the subject, Ending violence against women and girls; Progress and remaining challenges.   The conference, being organised by the Women’s Federation for World Peace UK and chaired by Paulette Hamilton, Labour MP for Birmingham, was scheduled to commemorate the UN […]


The fight to overturn enforced gender fluid teaching in Wales intensifies

DATE : November 24, 2022 AUTHOR :

Only last week, Gwynedd Plaid Cymru councillor Beca Brown was complaining of abuse from parents because of her support for implementing the new RSE code in schools in Wales. She claimed she had suffered unacceptable online abuse and been called a paedo lover, alleging that she had also been threatened, with someone tweeting that her support for […]


Stop discrimination against Christians – SIGN THE PETITION

DATE : November 17, 2022 AUTHOR :

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We call upon His Majesty’s Government to uphold freedom of religion and belief in the UK, and to disallow policies that seek to suppress religious belief and discriminate against Christians. We call upon the Government to uphold the right to free speech for all. We have the following areas of concern…

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YOU matter – so make your voice heard

DATE : November 16, 2022 AUTHOR :

British Airways has issued new guidance to its male cabin crew and pilots, encouraging them to “be bold, be proud, be yourself”.  This, however, appears to extend only to those wishing to wear mascara, false eyelashes and lipstick, and to paint their nails and carry a handbag.   ‘Male’ staff have also been given permission to have long […]


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