Lynda Rose

Relationships, sex … and unhealthy education

DATE : March 17, 2023 AUTHOR :

Last week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a review of sex education in schools, after receiving a letter signed by 50 MPs protesting at the indoctrination of children into radical and biologically unevidenced ideologies about sex and gender.  Led by Miriam Cates MP, they accused schools of providing RSE teaching that was “age inappropriate, extreme, sexualising and […]


When End of Life Care Goes Wrong – unmasking abuse in the NHS

DATE : March 9, 2023 AUTHOR :

This week, the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, convened by Lynda, together with Voice for Justice UK, have launched in Parliament their latest Report, When End of Life Care Goes Wrong. It tackles head on what is shockingly becoming a culture of death in the UK health service.     Every day, following admission to hospitals, […]


How long before Christians are excluded from the public arena?

DATE : March 9, 2023 AUTHOR :

The short answer is, never, if we can help it!  Yet every day there seems news of fresh outrage and growing attempts to silence any who dare voice Christian belief.  For example: Kate Forbes, Scottish candidate to lead the SNP.  Pilloried in the press for saying her faith doesn’t support same sex marriage or sex outside wedlock. […]


Parents stand together!

DATE : February 23, 2023 AUTHOR :

Muslim parents in the London Borough of Redbridge, appalled and distressed at the highly sexualised teaching their young children have been receiving as part of Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE), are the latest casualties in the war of attrition being waged by woke activists, determined to impose LBGT+ life style choices and behaviour onto […]


What is truth?

DATE : February 23, 2023 AUTHOR :

Anglican bishops apparently think the answer to Pilate’s knotty question goes something along the lines, ‘Truth is a multi-faceted interpretation of reality that evolves and changes over time according to cultural revision.’  Whether their belief is that God changes, or that transformation stems from our own advancing perception, is a moot point – as perhaps is […]


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