Lynda Rose

CIDAC launched today

DATE : September 14, 2023 AUTHOR :

Christians losing their jobs for expressing beliefs set down in the Bible; for wearing a cross to work; for praying silently outside abortion clinics …  Christian parents called bigots for protesting against RHSE teaching that promotes gender choice and same sex behaviours prohibited in Scripture.   All of this is just scratching the surface.  The reality is […]


“… we shall make the West so corrupt, it stinks.” (Willi Münzenberg)

DATE : September 8, 2023 AUTHOR :

It would appear that this prediction by Willi Münzenberg, German communist and one of the founders of the now infamous Frankfurt School, is reaching fulfilment.     To take a recent example, according to a recent report in The Times, most schools, including some leading independent schools such as Wellington and Brighton College, have now adopted […]


The one and only King

DATE : September 1, 2023 AUTHOR :

On the basis of what they describe as ‘a landmark survey’ of frontline Anglican clergy carried out by themselves, The Times newspaper claims that three quarters of Church of England priests believe that Britain can no longer be described as a Christian country, and view with unease the increasing decline in Church attendance.  In an effort […]


A city set on a hill cannot be hid

DATE : September 1, 2023 AUTHOR :

Preliminary examination of responses to our survey examining the extent of discrimination and disadvantage faced by Christians in society today has yielded some unexpected results.  First off, although constantly being told by the media that young people regard religion, and especially Christianity, as irrelevant, we have been surprised at the high level of response from Christians […]


The “World is entering era of ‘global boiling’”

DATE : August 1, 2023 AUTHOR :

This was the warning of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in a speech made in response to a report by scientists from the European Copernicus Climate Change Service and World Meteorological Organisation, stating that July was set to be the world’s hottest month on record (   Meanwhile, in his one-man campaign to save the […]


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