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A big thank you and well done to all our supporters who turned up at Parliament Square on Wednesday to say ‘No to abortion up to birth’.  As you all by now know, the Criminal Justice Bill has been hijacked by pro-abortion MPs Diane Johnson and Stella Creasey, to add amendments that would decriminalise abortion up to birth in England and Wales.  If passed, these amendments would give us, shockingly, the most liberal abortion laws on Earth!

In 2021, 214,869 abortions were reported in England and Wales, the highest number since records began. It begs the question, if numbers are already this high with a time limit of 24 weeks, what would they become with all restrictions removed?  How many babies in the future would win this deadly lottery and get to be born?

During the demonstration, which started at 11 a.m. and went on till around 1 p.m., MPs Carla Lockhart and Ian Paisley both joined us at different times, to thank us for being there and to express their support.  Both said that, though we might not realise it, such rallies really do have an impact on fellow MPs and help their own work.  They urged us to continue making our voice heard.

As it turned out, debate on the amendments was held over till the second day of the Bill’s report stage, which is now confirmed as 4 June.   The good news is that this has allowed time for a cross-party group of 46 MPs to table a new amendment calling for in-person consultations with a medical professional to be required prior to the prescription of pills for home abortion.  This would not just allow assessment of a woman’s health, but would also allow the gestational age of the foetus to be determined, providing a safeguard against late-term abortion.

The bad news is that the battle continues unabated, so we’re planning a second rally on 4 June – put the date in your diary, and watch this space!

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